Important Transportation Update

  • A new school year is upon us, and we have a few brief reminders to ensure the safe and timely transportation of our students: bus

    • Update Contact Details: Please check the Parent Portal to ensure your contact information is current for emergencies or if a bus driver needs to reach you.
    • Drop-Off for Younger Students: If your child is in Pre-K to second grade, kindly be at the bus stop during drop-off for their safety. Our drivers will only release a child from Pre-K to second grade if an adult 18 or older is at the stop. However, parents can sign a release allowing the Pre-K to second grade student to be dropped off without an adult. Release forms can be obtained from your student's bus driver.
    • Stay Informed of Bus Schedules: Be aware of your child's bus timing and location

    Additionally, adjusting our transportation system may take approximately two weeks as we roll into the new school year. Every year, schedule changes, drivers familiarizing themselves with new routes, traffic variations, construction, and unpredictable weather can affect services.

    We're committed to continual improvement and ask for your patience and understanding. Our shared goal is a safe and efficient transportation experience for all our students.

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CCS Transportation

  • Office of Transportation

    The transportation of 44,000 students every day is a very important job, and one that Columbus City Schools' (CCS) staff take very seriously.

    The District's bus drivers go through rigorous background checks, and must have or earn a Commercial Driver's License (with a bus endorsement from the Ohio Department of Education) before they may drive a bus.

    We serve students K-12 across the district, along with the Pre-K students with IEPs being served in our CCS classrooms.

  • Is Your Parent Portal Account Activated?

    Stay engaged in your child’s education by setting up and signing into the Columbus City Schools Parent Portal. Through the Parent Portal, you’ll be able to securely access valuable information on your student(s):

    • Teacher Contact
    • Grades and Course Schedules
    • Daily Attendance
    • Missed Assignments
    • Paperless Applications for School Choice, Summer School, and Career Tech
    • Update Contact Information
    • Pay Fees
    • Transportation Information

    For more information on the Parent Portal or to set up your account, please visit the Parent Portal page or download the document below.


  • When will I receive my student’s bus routing information?

  • Why is my student’s bus stop different this year from last year?

  • Where is my student’s bus stop?

  • What is my student’s pickup time?

  • When should my student arrive at the bus stop?

  • If my student is late to school due to the bus being delayed, is this an excused absence?

  • If my student misses the school day because the bus didn’t pick him/her up, is this an excused absence?

  • What should I do if my student misses the bus?

  • Can my student eat or drink while riding the bus?

  • What if my child left something on the bus?

Keeping Buses Moving

  • Riding the school bus is a privilege. Your cooperation will be needed to ensure a safe and pleasant ride for your student to and from school. Any student choosing to misbehave could be denied the privilege of riding the school bus.

    Dogs and other animals, glass jars, and things not stored comfortably on a bus seat or that will protrude into the aisle are illegal to transport.

    When students are dismissed from school they are to go promptly to their school bus. Drivers are instructed to depart the school five (5) minutes after dismissal.

    Drivers shall carry a route schedule on the bus and attempt to conform to it as closely as possible considering traffic conditions, road conditions, and safety considerations.

    Drivers shall assign seats to pupils on the school bus.

    Drivers are permitted, by law, to use reasonable force and restraint in maintaining order and control in emergency situations.

    The transportation of passengers other than the students assigned to the trip is not permitted.