Student Transportation Guidelines

  • Dear Parents and Students:

    Safety in our community and in our schools is a major concern of parents, students, and school officials.  School bus safety is a significant part of that concern. Therefore, the Transportation Department has developed a series of safety tips and school bus rules to insure the effective operation of the Columbus City School buses and the maximum safety for our children.

    We suggest that parents and students read this publication together, keep it for future reference, or even post the rules section on a bulletin board or in an appropriate location as a reminder.

    These safety tips and regulations may provide good discussion topics also — with the hope that knowing and understanding them will result in safety for all.

    The Department of Transportation

    Columbus City Schools

    1. Student must ride assigned bus. No unauthorized passengers are allowed.
    2. Students must obey bus driver’s instructions at all times.
    3. School buses are not permitted to stop longer than necessary to pick up students. Therefore, school buses cannot wait for tardy students.
    4. Get on and off at assigned stop only.
    5. Transporting of animals, pets, or glass containers on bus is not allowed.
    6. Changing from seat to seat while the bus is in motion is not permitted.
    7. Excessive noise, loud talking or laughter is not allowed.
    8. No noise or talking at railroad crossings and other danger points.
    9. Students may not extend any part of their bodies through the bus windows.
    10. Spitting or throwing any object from windows is not allowed.
    11. Smoking, eating, drinking, and littering are not allowed.
    12. Students may not use profane language.
    13. Students must observe rules for crossing the street when entering or exiting the bus.
    14. Parents are responsible for any damage to the bus caused by their children.
    15. Any conduct which could endanger any passenger or driver or which could result in damage to the vehicle is not allowed.
    16. The carrying of weapons by bus passengers is not permitted.

School Bus Danger Zones

School Bus Danger Zones

Bus Rules & Responsibilities

  • On the way to the bus:

    • Leave home in time to arrive at your bus stop location five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
    • On the way to the bus stop, observe safety by crossing streets at crosswalks.
    • If there is a traffic signal, be sure to wait for the proper signal. Don’t cross against traffic signals.
    • If there is a traffic patrol person present, obey his or her instructions.

    At the bus stop:

    • You and your friends should stand and wait for your bus about six feet from the curb or the edge of the street if there is no curb.
    • Avoid crowding, pushing, or shoving toward the curb or street while the bus approaches.
    • Do not run around or play on private property or in the street.
    • As the bus approaches, line up in single file to board the bus.
    • Wait for the bus to pull into your street and park before getting on board.
    • Don’t race to be first on the bus. Stand back from the door until it is opened.

    On the bus:

    • Move immediately to your assigned seat.
    • Follow the instructions of your bus driver if there is a change in seating.
    • Face the front of the bus, with feet on the floor in front of you.
    • You may not yell or use profanity.
    • You must sit in your assigned seat until you get off at your stop.
    • You must be quiet at railroad crossings, when the driver is using a two-way radio, or when the bus is stopped for emergency vehicles.
    • You may not smoke or fight.
    • You may carry books, lunches, or school instruments on your lap.
    • You may not bring glass, animals, weapons, or sharp objects on the bus.
    • Keep your seat clean and undamaged — you are responsible for damage

    Getting off the bus:

    • Avoid crowding and pushing. Exit the bus one-at-a-time, row-by-row.
    • Remember to check your seat before leaving the bus. Don’t leave your lunch, books, or personal items behind. Don’t take someone else’s lunch or personal items.
    • Bus riders exiting the bus should be allowed to leave before other students get on.
    • Remember, if you must cross the street, cross 10 feet in front of the stopped bus.
    • Never cross the street behind the bus.