Families who need to complete enrollment, must complete the Online Registration and schedule an appointment.  Due to social distancing, all appointments are being conducted virtually at your scheduled appointment time.  Families will receive an email prior to their appointment with instructions and an invitation to join a virtual enrollment meeting online.

    For questions regarding Enrollment, please email centralenrollment@columbus.k12.oh.us

    For questions regarding School Choice, please send an email to schoolchoice@columbus.k12.oh.us 

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School Choice General Information

  • Our District’s commitment to School Choice uniquely offers students a variety of high-quality educational options at all levels by giving families a choice on deciding where their children attend school to learn and grow. The School Choice Lottery is widely popular, with nearly 20,000 applications each year.

    Columbus City Schools has modernized the popular School Choice Lottery with a new paperless online process that begins earlier than in previous years. If your student is considering applying to another school within our the District, the important information below will be helpful.

    Use this link or the navigation to the left to view the School Choice Lottery process!

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

  • The online Infinite Campus Parent Portal process is easy to use. You might already be using it to monitor real-time progress on your student. The Parent Portal also allows you to update emergency contact information, view course schedules, grades, attendance and assignments that have been turned in/or missing, even e-mail child’s teacher directly from the portal using the planner feature.

    Before you can log in, you will need a Parent Portal Global Unique Identifier (GUID) Access Key. Each parent/guardian has a personalized GUID code. If you need to obtain your GUID access code, contact your student's school directly or email a picture ID and name and birthdate of your child to parentportalaccess@columbus.k12.oh.us.

    Types of School Choice Applications:

    The following types of School Choice applications, must be submitted via the Parent Portal:

     School Choice Lottery: For parents/guardians of students wishing to apply to attend a school other than the school assigned.

    Reservation Admissions:  For students who currently attend a school that is eligible to reserve a seat in the next school with the same programming.  Reservation applications will be available on January 5, 2021 and must be submitted by January 29, 2021 via the School Choice link in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

    Return to Home School: For students attending a school in Columbus City Schools that is not their school of address.  The request will be available for submission beginning on January 6, 2021 and must be submitted via the School Choice link in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal by March 23, 2021.

    Selective Admissions: For students who meet specificl criteria.  The Selective Admissions application will be available on January 12, 2021 for students who qualify and must be submitted via the School Choice link in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal by January 29, 2021.

    Inter-District Open (IOE) Enrollment: For students living outside of the Columbus City Schools boundaries and wish to attend a school in the CCS District.  IOE application deadlines follow the same deadlines as the School Choice Lottery.

    Airforce Junior ROTC: For students entering 9th-12th grade who want to join the Airforce Junior ROTC on the campus of Fort Hayes HS.  Students who are accepted to Fort Hayes through the Junior ROTC lottery, must adhere to all ROTC guidelines. Students who are accepted to Fort Hayes through the Junior ROTC lottery will be returned to their school of address should a decision be made that drops ROTC from the student's schedule.  Applications must be submitted by February 19, 2021.

  • Academic Pathways

    A Kindergarten - 12 Academic Pathway, also known as a school feeder pattern, keeps neighborhood children together as they move upward from elementary school, to middle school, and finally to high school.  Families selecting to participate in the School Choice process should be aware that once their child reaches the last grade level contained within a building the student will transition back to the feeder pattern for their school of address. Families wishing their student to attend a school other than the next school in their feeder pattern would need to submit a Lottery application for a chance to attend another school in the District.

    Please click here to view assigned Academic Pathways and the District's alternative school options.

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