Home Education (Home Schooling)

  • Home School Notification Letters must be submitted to the District by August 30th each year. If moving to or withdrawing from the District, or starting home education - a Notification Letter must be submitted within five calendar days of the decision to home school (ORC 3321.042). 

    For your convenience, Columbus City Schools (CCS) offers families who wish to home school their student(s) the option to notify the District of your plans to home educate using an online form (see below). The form includes all information required by law (ORC 3321.042). Simply select the school year for which you are notifying the District that home schooling will take place. Should home schooling parent(s)/guardian(s) choose to complete the online form, the District’s Acknowledgment Receipt will be immediately sent to the email address provided. The Acknowledgement Receipt can be printed and saved for your records.

    Completing the online Notification Letter form is voluntary. Parent(s)/guardian(s) who wish to submit their Notification Letter via email or US Postal Service may continue to do so by emailing homeeducation@columbus.k12.oh.us or mailing the Notification Letter to 430 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, OH  43215. We wish your family a great school year!

    WITHDRAWING FROM A CCS SCHOOL: Parent(s)/guardian(s) withdrawing their student(s) from a CCS school must submit their Acknowledgement Receipt to the school as their proof of intent to withdraw. Once the student(s)’ withdrawal has been processed, if the family wishes student(s) return to a CCS building, a new enrollment must be completed.

    HOMESCHOOLING VS. VIRTUAL/ONLINE LEARNING: Home schooling is NOT Virtual/Online learning. Parent(s)/guardian(s) choosing to home school their student(s) assume complete responsibility for determining, designing, and delivering educational instruction to their student(s). This includes choosing educational materials, delivery format, start/stop times for the school day, etc. Virtual/Online learning is a structured learning environment designed and delivered by accredited educational institutions and certificated teachers.


    EDUCATION DISABILITY: If your homeschooled child has an educational disability and has an Evaluation Team Report (ETR), please go to Homeschool and Educational Disabilities for more information.  

    To help expedite processing of Notification of Exemption forms please only submit ONE form per student you intend to homeschool. Submitting more than one form or physical copies of the Notification may effect processing times. Thank you for your cooperation.  

    ALERT: A Home Education Notice of Education (NOE) (link above) MUST be completed before completing a request for special educational services. Your request will not be processed withOUT a completed NOE. Thank you.