Board Goals and Guardrails

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    In April 2021, the Columbus Board of Education adopted three measurable goals that align with the district’s mission and vision and support the Portrait of a Graduate. 

    The Board worked with the Council of the Great Schools (CGCS) to develop the goals, guardrails, and metrics. The Board will continually monitor the district’s progress towards achieving these goals and evaluate the target outcomes annually.

    Click here to watch a presentation of the goals and guardrails from April 12, 2021.

    Developing these goals and guardrails did not happen in a vacuum. Beginning in 2020, Board Members met and talked with stakeholders, community partners, families, students, teachers, administrators, and staff. They held several special public meetings with A.J. Crabill from CGCS to discuss and review what they learned and what they wanted to see in the goals and guardrails. 

    The three Board Goals are:

    • Strengthen Reading Proficiency - The percentage of third-grade students proficient in Reading on the Ohio State Test (OST) will increase from 43% in School Year 2018-2019 to 55% by June of 2026.
    • Close Opportunity Gaps - The percentage of 4-year graduation cohort students who complete state and district graduation requirements will increase from 81.4% in August 2020 to 86% in August 2026.
    • Develop Portrait-Ready Graduates - The percentage of the Class of 2028 who earn the Portrait of a Graduate Seal will increase from 0% in June 2022 to 25% by June 2028.

    Guardrails are operational actions, typically strategic not tactical, which the superintendent may not use or allow in pursuit of the district’s goals. Guardrails are based on the community’s values, aligned with the district’s educational vision and goals, and are non-negotiable.

    The four Board Guardrails are:

    • Support Intervention Systems - The superintendent will not allow the Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) for students’ needs to be under-resourced.
    • Prioritize a Whole Child Focus - The superintendent will not allow the district to ignore a whole child approach.
    • Align Resources Equitably - The superintendent will not allow any region to be without strong learning communities.
    • Ensure a Culturally-Responsive Staff - The superintendent will not allow cultural non-responsivity to impact student experience or staff effectiveness.
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