Change of Address Process

  •  How to change your address:

      • Current CCS families must update their address and upload the necessary documents via the Annual Update in your Parent Portal*.

    The PowerPoint below provides a quick overview of how to complete the Annual Update.  There is also a full, step-by-step video below with more detailed information.


    Step By Step Directions of Annual Update (Full Video)

    Necessary Documents for change of address

    Address Verification (Families must provide/upload one of the following items):

    • A recent utility bill (gas, electric, or water) in the parent/guardian’s name. (Phone or cable bills are not acceptable)
    • A current lease agreement with parent/guardian’s name. The name and phone number of the landlord must be provided to verify the lease. The signature page for a lease is also required.
    • Two most recent pay stubs showing your name and address or a letter from your employer on company letterhead with your name and address listed. IRS W-2 Forms are also acceptable.
    • Change of custody forms on Franklin County Children Services (FCCS) letterhead or court documents indicating a change of custodial parent (and address). These must be filed with the Division of the Registrar before the child being enrolled in your school. If the child is already enrolled and will continue the current assignment, the new custodial parent will need to go to the Division of the Registrar's Office to file paperwork.
    • Department of Human Services or Social Security statement, on letterhead, indicating the physical address used by the parent for receipt of checks.
    • Employer Statement from the Personnel Office, on letterhead, indicating the address used by the parent for employment purposes and submission of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) W-2 forms.
    • If you do not have any of the above forms of Address Verification in your name, please see the information below.
      • If you are in transition (doubled up or living in a hotel or shelter due to hardship), please complete the Student Housing Questionnaire.
      • If you live with someone on a permanent basis but do not have any of the above items in your name, please complete the Verification of Residency**Please note that the person with whom you are living needs to provide one of the documents listed above in combination with the Verification of Residency form for your proof of address to be valid. **


    A change of address due to a change in custody requires a new online registration and an enrollment appointment.


    We are here to help:

    Should you require assistance or need access to a computer/scanner, please contact Central Enrollment at 614-365-4011.  The prompts may be able to answer most of the questions.  However, if you still need assistance after listening to the prompts, please press (#) to leave a message, and one of our associates will call you back to assist or schedule you an appointment to come into Central Enrollment to use a computer/scanner.

    *If you are unable to retrieve your Parent Portal username or password, please send a request with your picture ID AND your child's name and birthday to 

    If you can't find the information you're looking for, please review our Central Enrollment FAQ sheet. If you still have additional questions, please email  or call the Central Enrollment Center at (614) 365-4011.  You can also contact the FACTLine at 614-221-3228 or