• Welcome to the CCS Achieve3000 page! Here, you will find information about Achieve3000, helpful tutorials for reports and tools, and important updates happening in our schools. Achieve3000 accelerates literacy learning growth with differentiated content and instruction. It is proven to double and even triple expected reading gains in a single school year. It is the district's official Tier 2 & 3 literacy intervention resource for grades 9 through 11 for English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies classes. Special requests for teacher/student use are also considered. Achieve3000 is accessible via Clever.


    Achieve3000 is now available. Start with the following steps:

    Teacher Log In Set-Up in Achieve3000

    When teachers first log in to Achieve3000 via Clever, the platform may ask to verify the program. Choose BOOST. The Boost program enables the most support for students.


    Student LevelSet Assessment

    The LevelSet window opened on January 3, 2024 and remains open. Students who have not completed the assessment yet will be prompted to take it when they enter the platform for the first time.The LevelSet will determine the appropriate reading level for each student, and as a result, Achieve3000 will automatically convert articles and activities to each student's Lexile level for successful, independent practice. With this in mind, before students take the assessment, teachers should prepare them to take the assessment seriously so that the results accurately reflect their present skills. Any ELA, Social Studies, and Science teacher in grades nine through eleven may facilitate the LevelSet.


    Teachers can use this handout and video (English and Spanish) to prepare students prior to testing. (Note about video: The video explains that students will have login information to enter the platform, however CCS students will access Achieve3000 via Clever, so no login information is needed.) This teacher handout guides teachers through the before, during, and after steps of the LevelSet assessment.