Spruce Run Environmental Education Center

  • The Spruce Run Environmental Education Center is 50 acres of land near Hoover Reservoir. The land was deeded to the Columbus City Schools by Robert and Dorothy Patton in August 1974. The Pattons were proud of the wide variety of fauna and flora on the site and were dedicated to keeping the site in its natural form. Their gift is evidence of their desire to share the site and to provide a unique place for environmental studies and outdoor learning.

    In September 1984, the environmental studies center at Spruce Run was completed. The center includes a telephone, storeroom, restrooms, and a large classroom. There are two main trails at Spruce Run, a woods walk, and a meadow/coniferous forest walk. The trail through the woods begins by the circular driveway. The trail through the meadow and the coniferous forest begins by the fire circle and the picnic tables.

    During the 2010-2011 school year, Columbus City Schools, in partnership with Lowes, was awarded a grant to revitalize Spruce Run. As part of the revitalization project, a greenhouse was installed and the facilities were remodeled.

    Children at Spruce Run
    Spruce Run is available for use by all Columbus City School buildings. Because of the renovations, new resources, new state standards and focus on science practices, teacher training is REQUIRED for the use of Spruce Run facilities. Please contact Heather Allen.
    Training for Spruce Run includes the following:
    • Safety
    • Information (reservation information, Spruce Run information, Teacher expectations)
    • Weather Station (information and use)
    • Greenhouse (information and use)
    • Lab Activities for use at Spruce Run
    • Science Equipment available for use


    Check out the Spruce Run website for additional information. https://sites.google.com/columbus.k12.oh.us/sprucerun/home