Superintendent/CEO Dr. Angela Chapman

  • Dr. Angela Chapman

    Dr. Angela Chapman's journey as a public educator spans over 25 years, leading to her appointment as the 22nd Superintendent/CEO of Columbus City Schools. Dr. Chapman believes providing high-quality education is a civil right that empowers students and transforms communities. As a parent with a son who is also part of Columbus City Schools, she embraces the responsibility of shaping a brighter future for every student.

    With a diverse background in education and a doctorate in curriculum and instruction from Tennessee State University, Dr. Chapman's impact is deeply felt. She joined Columbus City Schools in 2019 as the Chief of Transformation and Leadership, where she introduced innovative strategies to enhance school leadership and regional support. Her vision for strong learning communities drove the successful implementation of the District's Strategic Plan, ensuring equitable opportunities for all students.

    In addition to her role as an educational leader, Dr. Chapman is a proud advocate for fair and equal funding to provide high-quality education to all students. She recognizes that public education is not just a choice but a fundamental right, transcending zip codes and backgrounds. Dr. Chapman's leadership nurtures an environment where every student is valued, loved, and supported to thrive.

    As Columbus City Schools strives to be both the city and District of choice, her leadership shines as a beacon of hope and progress. Her dedication to leveling the playing field and creating stronger schools paves the way for stronger communities, highlighting the interconnectedness of education and societal well-being. Under her guidance, we are poised to achieve a transformative impact on our students' lives and our city's prosperity.