C.O.R.E. Team

  • Creating Organizational Reliability Everywhere

  • Terry Addison, Executive Director, Finance
    Diane Agnes, Area Superintendent, Region 5
    Stan Bahorek, Treasurer/CFO
    James Barnes, General Counsel
    Lawrence Barnett, Director, Custodial Services
    Dionne Blue, Ph.D., Chief Equity Officer
    Sara Bode, Chief Medical Consultant
    Joe Brown, Director, Food Services
    Russell Brown, Ph.D., Interim Chief Performance and Strategy Officer
    Chris Campbell, Director, Information Technology
    Angela Chapman, Ed.D., Superintendent/CEO
    Lee Cole, Executive Director, Community Engagement & Partners
    Michael DeFabbo, Interim Chief of Staff
    Amy Grover, Interim Chief Talent Officer
    Corey D. Grubbs, Ed.D., Interim Chief of Transformation and Leadership
    Keith Harris, Ed.D., Area Superintendent, Region 4
    Monique Jacquet, Chief of Strategic Priorities

  • Caroline Jewell-Rogers, Executive Secretary to the Superintendent/CEO
    Luther E. Johnson, Jr., Ed.D., Area Superintendent, Region 6
    Machelle Kline, Ed.D., Chief Student Services Officer
    Felisha Lyons, Executive Director, Vulnerable Youth
    Rich McCormick, Interim Director, Purchasing
    Tonya Milligan, Executive Director, Teaching & Learning
    Kathryn Moser, Interim Deputy Superintendent, Academics
    Mikki Nelson, Ph.D., Executive Director, Accelerated and Extended Learning
    Scott Nelson, Area Superintendent, Region 1
    Misty Nichols, Supervisor, Government Affairs
    Megan Noble, Executive Director, Strategic Priorities
    L. Kevin O'Connor, Executive Director, Internal Audit
    Maurice Oldham, Interim Chief Operating Officer
    Stephanie Patton, Interim Region 2 Area Superintendent

  • Tito Reynolds, Executive Director, Financial Operations
    Kelly Rivers
    , Executive Director, Specialized Instruction
    Jeff Roe
    , Interim Director, Buildings and Grounds
    Erik Roush, Ph.D., Executive Director, Financial Affairs
    Kevin Saionzkowski, Executive Director, Specialty Audits
    Carolyn Smith, Internal Auditor/CAE
    Rodney Stufflebean, Interim Director, Transportation
    Alex Trevino, Director, Capital Improvements
    Jennifer Vanover, Executive Director, Financial Data & Processes
    Vandhana Veerni, Chief Information Officer
    Todd A. Walker, J.D., Ph.D, Chief of Curriculum and Instruction Officer
    Sandy D. Womack, Jr., Ed.D., Area Superintendent, Region 3