SMART Notebook 19.0

  • CCS has upgraded to the newest version of Smart Notebook 19.1.  If your desktop still has the older version you need to submit a Help Desk (8425) ticket to get the newest version.  District thin clients should have the newest version installed.  Contact Lynda Ray if you need the product key for your personal device.

    SMART Boards and SMART Notebook software are available in various classrooms throughout the district.  A SMART Board allows for teachers and students to control computer applications and websites with the touch of a finger or pen.  The SMART Notebook software allows teachers to create interactive lessons that students can manipulate by touch or pen.

    Check out the SMART Exchange to view and download hundreds of SMART Notebook lessons created by teachers.  

    Check out Using Smart Notebook 19 for tutorials and guides. 

    Training to use software contact: Lynda Ray

    SMART Board and Notebook Technical Problems contact: Help Desk

SMART Learning Suite & Google Drive

  • Big news: SMART Learning Suite Online (SLS Online) now integrates with G Suite! Teachers and schools can now access SLS Online from within G Suite to create, deliver, organize and share lessons, leveraging the existing Google tools and workflows already used in the classroom.

    This new integration means there’s no need to for teachers to waste time by switching to a new platform during a lesson. Even better, teachers can easily share their SLS Online lessons directly from Google Drive or Google Classroom.

    Open,create and store SLS Online lessons directly from G Suite

    To create a lesson in Google Drive, select New > More > SMART Learning Suite. When SLS Online opens, select import from Google Drive to import a file, such as a PDF, to start creating a lesson. The lesson will automatically open in Creation Mode. You can then add activities and assessments, and further tailor your lesson to meet your needs. 

    Your SLS Online lessons are automatically stored in Google Drive alongside your other files, meaning you don’t have to go hunting for lessons or content in different platforms and places. Create specific folders for subjects, such as Math or Geography, and store your SLS Online lessons in there along with other relevant files in your Google Drive.

    Deliver lessons to students and share with colleagues

    To deliver the lesson, simply right click on it from inside Google Drive, choose Open With and then choose SMART Learning Suite. If you’d like to send your lesson to to students for homework, simply create a link as you would for any other Google Doc and share it. You can also assign it to students directly from Google Classroom, meaning you don’t have to change anything about your existing workflow.

    Check out this resources to help get started:

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