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Parkmoor Finishes Construction On New Parkmoor Peace Pavilion

October 26, 2020 --- Parkmoor Elementary School students are in for a surprise when they return to school.

What used to be an empty field now showcases a learning space called the Parkmoor Peace Pavilion.

“It is exciting,” said Charmaine Campbell, principal at Parkmoor Elementary School. “We are happy to share it with the community and our students and our parents.”

Principal Campbell with architect Nolan Leber, an OSU graduate, to build the school's dream outdoor learning space. 

“This originally started as a playhouse for the pre-school and over time decided what was actually more valuable,” said Leber. “What we realized what was more valuable is an outdoor education center.”

For the past two years, Nolan has been working on designing the Parkmoor Peace Pavilion. 

This year Nolan traveled to Japan, and pulled inspiration from the architectural designs he saw overseas. 

“You can see some of the inspiration in the structure of these benches,” Nolan says. “The structure is directly pulled from the traditional Japanese joinery techniques that they have over there.”

In this new space, teachers can teach and students can learn outside of their four wall classrooms. 

“It’s excitement on innovation. It lends to our STEM education, all of those different areas, science, technology, engineering, and math, in one space for our students to enjoy. We wanted it to be an alternate space outside of the classroom so we can provide those enrichment activities,” said Campbell.