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    Website: https://u.osu.edu/globalcamp/

    Payment: https://cllc-osu.nbsstore.net/global-citizen-summer-camp-registration-fee


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    Orange Hearts for Makenzi Non-Profit, Seneca Turner. The organization will be rewarding 10 youth Entrepreneurs with $1,000 to use for their business. The mission of Orange Hearts for Makenzie is to provide young, disadvantaged entrepreneurs of color with services and funds to get their business moving in the right direction.
    Below is the eligibility criteria:
    • Age 16-22
    • Minority
    • Citizen of the US
    • Demonstrates a commitment to serving diverse populations
    The recipient of the scholarship will also be paired with a mentor to help guide them on their Business journey.
    Youth Entrepreneur Scholarship, can be found here: https://www.orangehearts4makenzi.org/scholarship-2/




    Need Help with Your Rent?
    Do you need help with rent and not sure where to turn? Rentful614.com can help.
    Rentful614.com is a simple, easy-to-navigate website that provides renters and landlords key resources to stay in their homes. Our partners at the City of Columbus, Franklin County Board of Commissioners, the United Way of Central Ohio, the Siemer Institute, and the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio launched this effort to help families stay in their homes by reducing evictions. Studies have shown that on average, 1-in-3 Ohio renters have little or no confidence in their ability to pay next month’s rent. To date during the pandemic, emergency rent assistance has helped more than 15,000 families receive rental assistance.
    Rentful614.com is the key to connecting you with resources to prevent eviction. Rentful614.com offers  you with valuable resources  on where to go to apply for rental assistance, get legal assistance, and be connected to helpful information.  For more information visit www.rentful614.com



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    8th Grade Internship Hours 

    Purpose of an internship: 

    It is important to note that the internship is primarily an educational experience rather than a work experience. The internship serves several purposes including:

    • Providing career preparation and awareness
    • Giving students an opportunity to apply and extend knowledge they have acquired in the classroom to a practical experience 
    • Giving students a glimpse of careers to which they may aspire and what the educational requirements are for those careers

    Requirements and Curriculum 

    Students must complete 120 internship hours, which is equivalent to one high school credit, by the time they graduate from high school. A suggested plan is below:

    8th grade

    During their 8th grade academic school year, students may earn up to 30 internship 

    hours by participating in activities coordinated and/or documented by a teacher and/or 

    the school counselor. Any hours earned the summer after 8th grade, will towards their 

    9th grade hours and not the 30 hours. 


    Career Exploration 

    •  Career related activities- student participates in classroom activities and field trips that provide career preparation and awareness
    • Job Shadowing- visits a job and observes a worker to learn about the career, the qualifications for applying for a job in that career area, and to determine if the career is of interest to them 
    • Mentoring- Works individually with an employee of a business and participates in a more intensive job exploration 

    Community Service 

    • Through community service, students may volunteer their time to work in hospitals, churches, schools, community organizations, social agencies, etc. Students may also participate in a classroom activity that will provide assistance to community organizations.


    I would like to submit the following hours for internship approval.  If approved, these hours will count toward the 120 hours needed to complete the internship requirement for graduation. 8th grade students can earn up to 15 hours for Community Service and up to 15 hours for Career & College Exploration.

    ________________________________________________     _____________

    Student’s Name Student Number



    Name of High School

    In order to receive internship hours, you must complete the information below regarding your internship or community service experience.

    Submit this form to your 8th grade counselor at your school.

     Circle One: Community Service (CS) Career & College Exploration (CCE)      

    _______________________________________        ____________________________ 

    Name of Company/Organization               Print Mentor’s Name 

    _______________________________________        _____________________________

    Address, City & State     Phone

    _________________________________________ _____________________________

    Beginning Date of Internship                         Ending Date of Internship

    Total Number of Hours Served ___________      

    ________________________________________ ______________________________ 

    Student’s Signature Mentor’s Signature  

    The S8th grade counselor will complete this section:

    Date____________            Approved ___________ Disapproved   ___________

    ________________ _____________________________________________

    Total hours awarded 8th Grade Counselor’s Signature


    The Columbus City School District does not discriminate based upon sex, race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, ancestry, familial status or military status with regard to admission, access, treatment or employment. This policy is applicable in all district programs and activities. 



     https://www.freshtrak.com/  Helping Families access food resources by zip code.

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