• Students,


    Please see Google Classrooms for how to turn in your 5G Article (3rd and 7th period) and for your next assignment (All Classes).

    If you don't have a computer, then please see below.



    Mobile Phone Instructions


    Link shown in the Screenshot above for PlayPosit can also be accessed by clicking here.




    6th Grade - 3rd Period: Please check that you have the entire article as 1 page may have got "eaten" by the copier.  It is attached below.

    Nonetheless, we worked as a team today and got about 1/2 of the work done already!  The rest; do you your best.  

    Click me for Article

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    6th Grade - 6th Period: We worked as a team and finished the article in its entirety in class!  


    8th Grade: My expectation is for you to finish it up!

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    Click me for Article Questions


    Please recall some tips on staying healthy that we discussed in class:

    Be careful of currency.  After handling money; wash hands.  Bills are essentially rags and are widely known for carrying just about anything on them.

    Wipe down your cell phones frequently.  Your cell phones are exposed to many surfaces and to airborn particles.

    Stay positive!  Your mind is a powerful thing that controls much of your body (heart rate, digestion, cell regeneration) without so much as a thought from you.  Don't work against yourself by worrying, stressing, or being anxious about things during this time off.


    Mr. Vanmeter