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    Elementary, empower each other for success.
    Como Dragon News for August/September

    News from the Principal: Ms. Anthony

    Welcome back to the 2018-19 school year! We are pleased to see so many familiar faces and welcome many of the new faces that are now a part of the Como Family! We are very excited about this school year and many teachers have worked over the summer in preparation for it through meetings and planning. The year has started off fantastic! Your cooperation in helping to ensure our students' safety in following our school-wide procedures has been much appreciated! Please remember that the parent/student handbook is a resource in learning the procedures in place.
    As a reminder, students should not arrive to school prior to 8:30 because there is no supervision available. Additionally, we are asking all children who arrive between 8:30-9:00 to please enter through the side doors by the visitor parking lot in the morning. Any parents who would like to walk their children, please enter through the front door and proceed to the office for a visitor's pass. Parents may walk their children to breakfast but are not able to remain in the cafeteria due to occupancy numbers as it applies to the Fire Marshall's rules. Once the school bell rings at 9:00, any student entering through the front door will need to stop at the office and get a tardy slip.
    Como has many plans in place this school year to increase parent involvement and student safety, improve overall student behavior, and continue to grow our students academically. Como utilizes a Balanced Literacy framework. Balanced Literacy is a 120-minute block that
    consists of read aloud, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, word Study, and writing. We will continue to provide reading intervention in grades 1-3 through Leveled Literacy Intervention Teachers and our Literacy Coach.

    Parents...we want your feedback! Do you have ideas that could help our Como students grow academically, emotionally, or socially? Would you like to give a "shout outn to your child's teacher or another Como staff member? Maybe you have questions or concerns Please take a moment to complete the Parent Feedback page of the monthly newsletter. This section has recently been added to help ensure every parent has an opportunity to have their voice heard. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.


    News from Nurse:
    My name is Ashlin Caravana (Mrs. C is fine) and I'm in my second year at Como. September in the Health Office is all about immunizations! It's my job to ensure that all students are up-to date on five important immunizations...Dtap (Diptheria, Tetanus, and Whooping cough), MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) Hepatitis B, Polio and Chicken Pox. Columbus City Schools requires that all students have these immunizations. When everyone is immunized, all students stay healthier, especially medically fragile students. The deadline for getting needed shots is September 12. After that date students missing shots will be "excluded" from school. If you child is one of the very few students still needing some vaccinations, I'll send a letter home with your child and follow up with a call. Please phone me at school if you have questions. My regular days at Como will be Monday, Tuesday, and Friday this year.
    Also...lf your child needs to take or keep any medications at school please contact me and I'll send home the required forms. Students are not allowed to take any medication at school (including over the counter medicines) without Dr.'s orders and all medication must be kept in my locked medicine cabinet. It's a strict system but it keeps everyone safe!

    Ashlin Caravana RN
    Columbus City Schools Nurse
    Como Elementary (M, T and F)
    614-365-6013 fax 614-365-6011

    News from Preschool

    Como Pre-K will be welcoming our new students on Wednesday, September 6. We are looking forward to a very exciting and successful year. This year will be full of lots of fun and new things for our pre-kindergartens. We will start the year off by learning about the expectations, routines, and behaviors of school.

    News from Kindergarten

    Welcome to Kindergarten!! We are excited to work with your child and you. Working together will help your child be successful in Kindergarten.
    Please complete homework daily. Students need to reinforce what they learn daily in the classroom. Homework should only take about 15 minutes per night.
    Thank you for sending in school supplies and snacks. We appreciate it. The kids really enjoy their snacks. If you have any questions please let us know.
    Mrs. Motz
    Ms. Stack
    Mrs. Kimes

    News from First Grade

    During the first several weeks of school our new group of first graders learned and practiced procedures and routines in the classroom. Your child spent time discussing what SOAR expectations (school rules) look like in the classroom, hallway, bathroom, lunchroom, and playground. Children should be able to tell you that at Como Dragons SOAR! We Stay safe, Own our actions, Act appropriately, and Respect others.
    In math, children have been introduced to 10-frames and number bonds as tools to assist in adding and subtracting numbers with in 20. We will continue to work on addition and subtraction for the remainder of the first nine weeks of school. In reading, children worked on the comprehension skills of identifying the title, characters, setting, problem, and solution using various authors like Kevin Henkes. Some favorite books are Chrysanthemum, Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, and Kitten's Full Moon. We have just started to implement Writer's Workshop in both classrooms. Children will be focusing on writing narrative stories this nine weeks. Our first unit in Science is "Thinking Like a Scientist" and children have completed several simple experiments.

    News from Second Grade

    We are thrilled to be your child's teachers and couldn't wait for the year to begin. We are spending a good deal of time these first few weeks getting to know one another, establishing rules and routines, and practicing expected behaviors. Some time will also be spent reviewing first grade concepts and completing diagnostic tests, in both reading and math, to determine the skills your child is starting second grade with.
    You can also expect that your child will be learning the following during the month of September:
    Reading: Understanding characters, setting, and plot
    Writing: Sentence Structure, capitalization, and punctuation
    Math: Addition and subtraction strategies and fluency
    Science: Thinking Like a Scientist
    Social Studies: Communities
    News from Third Grade
    This first quarter of third grade is in full swing! We have not started to work much on multiplication and division yet but it is important for parents to help by practicing multiplication and division facts each night. These facts need to be mastered by the end of the third grade. A set of flashcards for practice at home would be very helpful. Please read with your child each night as this builds vocabulary, fluency, and tone. Discussing the story helps them to improve their comprehension or understanding of what they are reading. It is important that we work together as a team to help your child reach their full potential.
    Here are the topics we will be covering this month,
    Reading: We will be reading many types of books and discussing Characters, Setting, and Plot.
    Math: Reviewing addition and subtraction with regrouping and moving into multiplication.
    Writing: Working on sentence structure and the writing process.
    Science: Thinking like a scientist and the Scientific Method Social Studies: Rules, Laws, and Government

    News from Fourth Grade

    Welcome to our new 4th Grade Families! 4th Graders have been working hard on Beginning of the Year testing. We are getting to know one another and practicing the components of our Reading and Writing blocks.
    We will begin working on Numbers in Base Ten in Math. Students will recognize multi digit whole numbers, read and write multi digit numbers using base ten numerals, number names, and expanded form, round multi digit numbers, and add and subtract multi digit numbers with regrouping. Please practice multiplication facts with your child daily.
    In Social Studies we will work on Timelines, Primary and Secondary Sources, and Ohio Native American Tribes. Students will work on a group presentation and report on their assigned tribe. In Science we will work on Inquiry and use the Scientific Method. forward to working together with you and your child this year!

    News from Fifth Grade

    Welcome to Fifth grade and welcome Mrs. Karen Nussdorfer!
    Mrs, Nusssdorfer and Mrs. Zeppernick are very excited to teach your child. Fifth grade is an important year. It is the last year of elementary. Therefore, it is important we prepare your child for middle school.
    Thank you in advance for your support and participation in your child's fifth grade year. Currently, we are studying the following:
    Math - Place Value
    Reading - Inferences
    Writing - Narratives
    Science - Ecosystems
    Social Studies - Geography

    News from the Counselor's Corner - Rachel Gerne

    The more your child develops positive values, the more likely he or she is to make positive choices. Values also influence relationships and our sense of who we are. Parents can help children develop positive values by:
    The values you teach your children are the best protection from the influences of peer pressure and advertising. The more positive the values... the more likely positive actions will occur.
    Why is it important for me to talk to my child?
    Here are some questions to discuss with your child: How do you feel when you are treated unfairly?
    Why? What can our family do to help others?
    With his or her own values clearly defined, your child can make better choices.

    News from Library: Ms. Walton

    Each Columbus City School has an elementary Library Media Center designed to help student improve their education. Our Library Media Center is scheduled to open each day school is in session unless circumstances require a temporary closing. Students are encouraged to borrow
    materials, use them effectively and return items within the prescribed time in good condition. Students are expected to assume responsibility for materials borrow from the Library. In the event materials are lost or damaged, beyond repair, the original cost is assessed. The goal of the school is to work cooperatively with parents to make the library an enjoyable learning space for students to use as a regular part of their education

    News from Mrs. Thompson the Instructional Coach

    I wanted to welcome all of our students back to Como! I hope that you had a wonderful summer. As, the
    Instructional Coach it is my job to help with the academic instruction in the building. I will be working in classrooms with students and I will be assisting the teachers with their instructional needs. If you have any questions about the instruction that is taking place at Como, please feel to stop by and see me. My office is located off of the library. Below you can find some reading suggestions that will be helpful. Have a wonderful school year!
    1."Read me a story!"
    Whether snuggled under the covers with peanut-butter sandwiches, or following along with a book on tape while on a road trip, reading together is a powerful tool in motivating your child to read.
    2. Beyond books
    Reading material comes in many different shapes and sizes, some of which may be more accessible to a new reader. Magazines and comic books all provide opportunities for reading practice. Other suggestions for sneaking under a wary child's reading radar include playing board games that involve written instructions, corresponding with a pen pal, and turning on the closed captioning on your television. To illustrate the practical side of reading, have your child help you with the grocery list, or leave reminder notes for your child to discover throughout the day.
    3. Keep it fun, for everyone
    If kids are going to enjoy reading, the experience has to be enjoyable. As you read with your children, keep them involved by asking questions about the story, and let them fill in the blanks. You can also create activities related to the stories you're reading. Another fun activity is to create mini-plays, acting out the stories they read. Last, when working in the garden, you can have your child write vocabulary words that they have encountered in his/her reading.
    4. "Look at what I did!"
    Another successful approach to motivating your child is to use some sort of visible record of achievement. A chart or graph that marks the number of books a child has read gives him or her a sense of accomplishment. To spice it up a bit, choose a theme that goes along with your child's interests. One example would be a Reading Olympics, where the child goes for the gold by reading a certain number of books.
    A similar method can be used to help expose your child to the wide variety of genres available for exploration. Create a Bingo card or Passport where each space can be filled in by reading a mystery book, or a piece of non-fiction, to give a few examples. Once the goal has been reached, reward your child with something to celebrate his or her special achievement. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate — one-on-one time with a parent or teacher, or an ice cream cone are something that lets your child know how proud you are of his or her accomplishment.
    5. "I want that one!"
    Reading should be a choice, not a chore. Make sure there are a variety of books, magazines, and other materials available for your child to choose from, wherever your child may be. Let your child's interests guide his or her reading choices. While it's fine to make suggestions, don't force your conceptions of what your child should be reading onto your child. And, keep an eye on the reading level of the books your children choose. Let them stretch to the best of their ability, but be ready to help if they get discouraged.
    6. Something to talk about
    Reading doesn't have to stop when you put the book down. Talk to your child about books you've read and books you think he or she might enjoy. Point out similarities between everyday events and stories you have recently read. If your child has a favorite author, help your child write him or her a letter.
    7. Hey, kids! What time is it?
    Regardless of how motivated your child is, he or she will not read if there isn't any time to do so. Carve time out of the busy day and dedicate it to reading, both together and on your own. By setting aside specific times, rather than trying to squeeze it jn between soccer and dance lessons, you send the message that reading is an important activity, and something your child will enjoy.

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    Directions: Do you have ideas that could help our Como students grow academically, emotionally, or socially? Would you like to give a "shout out" to your child's teacher or another Como staff member? Maybe you have questions or concerns. Please take a moment to complete the Parent Feedback page of the monthly newsletter, This section has recently been added to help ensure every parent has an opportunity to have their voice heard. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.