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The Giving Season

Windsor STEM Food Boxes

December 8, 2020 -- No matter the weather, every Tuesday and Friday afternoon, the principal and staff at Windsor STEM Academy are outside in front of the school, giving away free boxes of fresh food. “What’s nice about these food boxes is it includes fixings to make meals,” said Principal Lee DuMond. “The boxes have meat, cheese, a gallon of milk, eggs, and produce.”

Windsor STEM Academy gives away about 400 boxes of food a week. To date, the school has given out more than 2,600 free food boxes. “I don’t want our students to have one reason they can’t attend school,” said DuMond. “If not being hungry and having food will help school attendance, then we’re going to find a way.”

About three months ago, Windsor STEM Academy forged a partnership with Inprem Holistic Community Resource Center to provide the food to fill the boxes. Just for December, Windsor STEM Academy added an extra day, Friday, for free food pick-ups between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. to help families get through the holidays.  

Anyone who drives up to Windsor STEM Academy can pick up as many food boxes as they need. “There is no limit, and we also deliver to our students’ families who don’t have transportation to get to the school,” said DuMond.

Luckily for Troya Young, whose son is a fifth-grader at Windsor STEM Academy, she was able to stop by the school to pick up two food boxes for her family. “It’s so helpful since everyone is at home learning,” said Young. “I like that I can make several meals with the food inside these boxes.”