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Avalon Teacher Creates Customized Hijabs; Helps Students Soar

Students wearing custom Avalon hijabs

November 02, 2022 -- “Mommy, I’m wearing a hijab! My teacher gave me a hijab!” said second grader Saba Omhed while modeling her new head covering at the school’s Math and Literacy Night.

Avalon Elementary School requires students to wear school uniforms. With a diverse school community, second grade teacher Amanda Guglielmi made it her goal to ensure all students feel a sense of belonging.

Student wearing custom Avalon hijab“It’s all about being more inclusive with the students in our school,” said Guglielmi. “Students wearing hijabs that are the same colors as their school uniform unites everyone at Avalon, especially on spirit days.” 

Fifty hijabs were ordered from Malimar Clothing, a high-quality Islamic clothing store in Hilliard, to support the young girls wearing them.

When sharing the symbolic significance of the hijab, Avalon parent Nasteha Osman shared that “wearing a hijab is not a fashion thing. It’s something we must do because of our religion.”

With the help of kindergarten teachers Laura Bailey and Tabitha Fisher, the trio used a Cricut machine to manually press the logos onto the hijabs. Guglielmi stated the process from start to finish was a community effort and a real “labor of love.”

“Seeing the school actively supporting us, teaching our kids to embrace their hijab, and the school providing them to us - it’s amazing,” said Osman. 

Guglielmi and the staff at Avalon expressed their desire to see this opportunity for inclusivity presented to all CCS students.

“It’s a way to be proud of the school that you attend and to show that they’re proud to be a student at Columbus City Schools,” said Guglielmi. 

Guglielmi and Avalon students were featured on ABC6, receiving their custom hijabs. 

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