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Top Schools, Students Lead the Way in CCS Winter Reading Challenge

Winter Reading Challenge collage

February 17, 2023 -- 26,734 minutes. 

That’s equivalent to watching all the movies and shows that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe a little more than four times. That eye-popping statistic also represents how Columbus City Schools' kindergarten through eighth-grade students chose to spend Winter Break.

“As we planned our Winter Break challenge, our main goal was encouraging students to read for enjoyment,” said Jennifer Ey, director of the CCS Office of Literacy. “This was a chance for them to discover books that interest them, and we’re proud that so many elementary and middle schoolers took advantage of the friendly competition.

Winter Reading Challenge Top Schools

  • Avalon Elementary School
  • Scootwood Elementary School
  • Easthaven Elementary School
  • Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy
  • Cranbrook Elementary School
  • Starling PreK-8 School
  • Northgate Intermediate School
  • East Linden Elementary School
  • Wedgewood Middle School

Winter Reading Challenge Top Readers

  • Iman Z. (Grade K - Avalon Elementary School)
  • Fehintoluwa O. (Grade 1 - Hubbard Elementary School)
  • Abiel A. (Grade 2 - Salem Elementary School)
  • Fiyinfoluwa O. (Grade 3 - Hubbard Elementary School)
  • Madilyn B (Grade 4 - Clinton Elementary School)
  • Zy’Aire W. (Grade 5 - Oakland Park Elementary School)
  • Tasnim A. (Grade 6 - Arts Impact Middle School)
  • Sirkenan A. (Grade 7 - Arts Impact Middle School)
  • Abdoulie N. (Grade 8 - Wedgewood Middle School)

The District’s Snow What Fun! LitPro Reading Challenge gave students access to thousands of e-books and books for a fun two-week challenge, and it’s part of the CCS Office of Literacy’s district-wide #TogetherWeReadCCS initiative. Over the last two years, the District has teamed up with partners like Scholastic to deliver brand new books into the hands - home bookshelves - of all 47,000 CCS students.

Thanks to Ey and her team, hundreds of thousands of books and learning resources have made their way home to CCS families, and the Literacy team's vision of building a strong collaborative between schools, homes, and community partners continues to come to life.

“It doesn’t just take a village to raise our children; it takes a village to educate them, too,” Ey added. “By removing barriers such as access to quality literacy resources for all students and engaging community partners, we are creating a literacy landscape within our city.” 

Congratulations to all schools and students that participated in the Snow What Fun! LitPro Reading Challenge!

To learn more about the Columbus City Schools #TogetherWeReadCCS initiative, visit