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Students and Families Prepare for Kindergarten at District Countdown to Kindergarten Event

Countdown to Kindergarten event

May 23, 2023 -- The Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center campus was full of incoming kindergartners and families at the District’s Countdown to Kindergarten fair on Saturday. 

Countdown to Kindergarten eventThe event was a chance for families to get information about the upcoming school year to help ease the transition for their young learners. Families learned more about enrollment while their students engaged with interactive activities like digging for fabricated archaeological relics in sandboxes and playing with giant parachutes. 

Each family also left the event with free kindergarten readiness kits to help them get prepared for the year ahead. 

Director of Early Childhood Education Terra Baker said the annual event was a great chance for the District to connect with families and ensure their students are ready to start kindergarten in the fall.  

“Kindergarten is a huge step, both for the families and the students. We want to make sure that our future students and their families have everything they need for a successful transition to kindergarten in the fall,” Baker said.

For any families that were not able to attend the event, information about kindergarten registration can be found here. For any additional questions, families can call the Early Childhood Education Office at (614) 365-5822.

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