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Principal Sets New Goals For Students On First Day at Woodcrest

July 27, 2022 -- The rain held off long enough for students to march through the doors to their first day of classes at Woodcrest Elementary School on Wednesday. 

“Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!” chants echoed through the air as teachers, administrators, and education partners like Columbus 1st Assistant Chief of Police LaShanna Potts lined the sidewalk, clapping-in students as they entered the school building.

Woodcrest first dayWhen asked about why teachers and administrators are doing a clap-in, Principal Yolanda Cooper said, “How do you feel when you see someone who’s excited? Bubbles are going, the people are cheering! What that does is it lets them know that we value them, are excited about them being here, and it creates an environment of engagement and excitement. Just like the same thing they’re going to have in the classroom.” 

Cooper is entering her second year as Principal of Woodcrest. This year, she’s adding new goals for students in her building.

“Last year they were all in. This year we’re pushing our families to ensure students are all here, every day. I’m shooting for 100% attendance. The way I’m going to do that is making sure we’re pushing excitement and engagement with relevant things in the classroom.”

Cooper said Woodcrest was among the top Region II schools in the district for attendance last year.

This year, teachers said they will help students continue to focus on building relationships, academic success, and focus on elements that make up a Portrait of a Graduate.

Superintendent Dr. Talisa Dixon adopted the Portrait of a Graduate (POG) two years ago to help guide students to success with six attributes: adaptability, communication, creativity, critical thinking, global empathy, and technology. While students spend time learning about these attributes, community partners help to support them.

“Our teachers and our families really need our partners to come out and really help build that community and show that it’s not just the school district it is the Columbus community wrapping ourselves around the students to make sure they’re portrait ready,” Dixon said.