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CCS Celebrates National Family Literacy Month

Student with book

November 1, 2022 -- November 1st is not only National Family Literacy Day, but it also marks the kick-off of National Family Literacy Month. 

In the early 1990s, statistics showed millions of American workers lacked basic reading, writing, and math skills. This led to Congress working with the National Center for Families Learning to declare a month dedicated to families learning in different ways.

In Columbus City Schools, we recognize the importance of literacy and how it impacts all areas of our student's lives. We also understand that it takes district leaders, teachers, and families to work together to support students, and CCS is committed to ensuring families have access to resources that can help everyone inside the home and classroom learn. 

While November is National Family Literacy Month, families look for opportunities to spend time together reading -- whether it’s the #TogetherWeRead book bundles or a book from the local library. 

Here are ten easy ideas to help you celebrate National Family Literacy Month:

  1. Grab a book from your home library! Thanks to a number of community partners, CCS has been able to put new books and novels in the hands of ALL students. Keep an eye out for new book bundles throughout the school year!
  2. Join in on the second Tuesday of the month for our Virtual Family Engagement Sessions. Families will get some insight into the literacy work happening within the District.
  3. Columbus City Schools has several resources for families to use including LitPro and Sora. LitPro gives students in Kindergarten through eighth grade access to thousands of e-books and online activities. Sora is a digital library that allows students to check out books at home.
  4. Participate in the 30 days of "Learning Together Challenge." Not only is it free, but it provides a calendar of activities for families to do together to inspire learning.
  5. Set up a family or neighborhood book club with games and snacks related to the book being read. 
  6. Try different ways of reading like listening to audiobooks or reading digital formats.
  7. Host a book exchange in your neighborhood and discuss favorite parts of the book with neighbors and family members.
  8. Rewrite or reenact classic children’s stories.
  9. Read a book and watch a movie adaptation of the book. Discuss similarities and differences together.
  10. And last but not least, take a trip to your nearest Columbus Metropolitan Library branch and check out a book!