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CCS Celebrates Fourth Annual Relationship Week From February 10-14


Columbus City Schools is celebrating its fourth annual Relationship Week from February 10-14, 2020, with the theme of Nurturing Healthy Communities.

Caring and supportive relationships are critical to the learning, well-being, and success of students. Every day across Columbus City Schools, there are staff, students, families, and community partners who are dedicated to building positive and inclusive learning environments. We want you to join us in celebrating the Fourth Annual Columbus City Schools Relationship Week by taking part in activities each day that reaffirm our compassion, respect, trust, and love for one another, and our community by building social and emotional supports.


Hello START WITH HELLO: Offering a simple “HELLO” to everyone you see can be the start to making sure everyone feels noticed and valued. More than 100 non-English languages and dialects are spoken by students and families in Columbus City Schools, so take a moment to say “HELLO” in a different language. Embrace our cultural differences.



Kindness ONE ACT OF KINDNESS: We want every student and staff member in our District to commit to performing at least one random act of kindness: anything from a small compliment given to a stranger or sharing a seat on the bus to offering an inspiring gesture that could be life-changing. Imagine if everyone in Columbus City Schools took part, generating more than 60,000 total acts of kindness in just one day.



Forgiveness FORGIVENESS: Being able to apologize is a sign of humility and courage. Be brave and offer an apology for something you may have done unintentionally that offended another person. Or find an opportunity to forgive someone. You can repair broken relationships by removing grudges. Ask the simple question, “What can I do to make this right?”



Celebrate Diversity CELEBRATE DIVERSITY: Celebrate what makes Columbus City Schools beautifully diverse. Our community is inclusive of all beliefs, cultures, ethnicities, identities, languages, personalities and traditions. Share your stories and listen to the stories of others to understand our commonalities and embrace our differences.



No One Eats Alone NO ONE EATS ALONE: Lunch is a perfect time to make sure everyone feels included and accepted. Look around the lunchroom and make sure that no one is sitting alone. Invite someone you don’t know to sit with you at lunch and spend time getting to know each other better. Use the time to check in on each other and ask how the day is going.