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Huy Elementary Student Achieves Remarkable Success in i-Ready Program

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January 24, 2024 - In a remarkable display of dedication and academic excellence, Rosalynda Gill, a fourth grade student at Huy/A.G. Bell Elementary School has surpassed expectations by completing more than double the amount of required i-Ready lessons.

"Gill passed 120 lessons just in quarter two," Denyse Woods, principal at Huy Elementary, said. "Most of our students pass between 30 and 60 lessons."

i-Ready is a program used to enhance students' math and literacy skills. Woods recognizes outstanding students every quarter by awarding them i-Ready certificates of completion and prizes. Woods, impressed by Gill’s achievement, decided to celebrate it in a unique and fun way.

“Today is about celebrating our students that did excel for quarter two and celebrating Gill for doing so great,” said Woods.

In a creative twist to the usual certificate distribution, Woods managed to secure an i-Ready costume for Gill. Dressed as one of the i-Ready characters, Gill roamed the school, personally handing out certificates to fellow i-Ready achievers. This special recognition not only honors Gill's academic achievements but adds an element of fun and excitement to the school environment.

Students like Gill testify to the power of dedication and the impact of innovative learning programs like i-Ready. Woods and the entire school celebrate Gill's exceptional achievement, reinforcing the commitment to academic excellence around the District.

As for Gill, she has no plans of slowing down and plans to complete more i-Ready lessons in hopes of smashing her current quarterly record. Gill credits her success to paying attention in class as much as possible and continuing to work hard.

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