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CCS Students to be Featured on NBC4 Reciting Morning Pledge of Allegiance

Feb. 21, 2020 -- Throughout the latter half of February, as well as in March, CCS students will be featured on NBC4's morning show reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Scheduled for 5:57 a.m. each morning, below is the schedule of schools and classes that are scheduled to appear on the program.

Date School Grade Teacher
2/24 Columbus Africentric Kindergarten Roma Johnson
2/25 Southwood 3rd Grade Robin Thalgott
2/26 Broadleigh 2nd Grade Ms. Mercuri
2/27 South Mifflin STEM    
2/28 Forest Park 3rd Grade Mrs. Carpenter/Mrs. Grant
3/3 Cranbrook 5th Grade John Huey
3/4 Columbus Africentric 3rd Grade Alexis Keen
3/5 Huy/AG Bell 2nd Grade Sara Ryder
3/6 Innis 2nd Grade Ms. Chinn
3/8 Forest Park 4th Grade Jennifer Scarbrough
3/9 Cranbrook Kindergarten Ellen Moscatio/Vicki Cherry
3/11 Southwood 5th Grade Kevin Daberkow
3/12 Broadleigh 1st Grade Mrs. Jenkins
3/13 Innis 2nd Grade Maria Grossman
3/16 Forest Park 2nd Grade Kesh Calloway
3/17 Cranbrook 2nd Grade Alissa Flores/Christine Doctor
3/18 Columbus Africentric 3rd Grade Mama Larenas