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Forest Park Students Lead the Way

Students lead the way at Forest Park Elementary

January 4, 2023 -- Second graders attending Forest Park Elementary School lead the way by taking on the role of teachers for a day.

Parents joined their scholars in their classrooms for a brief introduction to the District's curriculum from Marcie Day, a second-grade teacher at the school.

Students help parents

“We wanted to show the parents exactly what their students do every single day,” said Day. “For a parent to help their child at home, they need to know that background and knowledge.”

Columbus City Schools utilizes the Fundations Phonics instruction, as well as the Heggerty program, to enhance phonemic awareness for students.

“A program like this is going to meet the needs of our students,” Day said as she shared ongoing learning impacts resulting from the COVID pandemic. With alphabet magnets and dry-erase boards, students accepted the challenge of teaching their parents the phonics-based lesson previously learned in class.

“It was nice for her to teach me what she’s learning,” said Angel Stanley, mother of second-grader Amelea. “She actually knows more than she thinks, and it’s helped her to be more confident.

As she watched her students lead the way, Day was able to observe their level of comprehension. “I feel that if a child truly understands the lesson they should be able to teach it,” said Day.

Day hopes that parents walk away with a better understanding of what their students are learning, how lessons are taught in class, and why it’s critical to be involved.

“It’s important that there is positive communication between students, families, and teachers. The students see the parents and teachers working together. Altogether, they’re learning skills and strategies to set them up for life,” said Day.

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