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Safety Message from Dr. Dixon: Active Shooter Hoax/Threats to Schools

Tip LineHello Columbus City Schools Families,

This is Superintendent Dr. Talisa Dixon, with an important message families and students need to hear regarding school safety.

Recently, the Ohio EMA and Ohio law enforcement agencies shared an alert with school districts and local law enforcement authorities of multiple reports of hoax school shooter incidents/threats that have occurred, most recently today at several suburban school districts. While there is no confirmed connection between the calls, it is possible that calls may continue across other portions of our state.

Please know that Columbus City Schools takes threats of any kind very seriously. It is imperative to remind our students and families that CCS has zero tolerance for direct or implied threats of violence to another student, an employee, or a school site.

I encourage you to sit down with your children tonight to have a serious conversation about safety. Remind them that any verbal statement, written message, or social media post related to guns, bombs, weapons, or any other acts of violence in the schools, even in an attempt at humor, will be investigated thoroughly by police and may subject the student to arrest and or expulsion.

Your child's safety is our highest priority, so please help us by speaking with your children this evening about responsible decision-making. It is also essential that if you see something that may be a sign of danger, you should say something. Whether you hear it, read it, or see it on social media, immediately share the information with a trusted adult at your child's school. You can also call or text our 24-hour anonymous Safer Together hotline at 844-SAFER-OH or Call Columbus Police at 614-645-4545. Your help and support are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your strong partnership in our pursuit of making our schools as safe as possible.


Dr. Talisa Dixon