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Inside CCS Podcast: "Wellness Week"

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November 18, 2021 -- A new Inside CCS podcast was posted titled “Wellness Week.”

Dr. Sara Bode joins our show to talk about her new position as CCS' Medical Consultant, Wellness Week, and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout for our youngest learners between the ages of 5-11. 

Every week, Superintendent Dr. Talisa Dixon and Tyler Carter, the District’s multimedia journalist, take a deeper look at the latest news and updates from across CCS.

Earlier this month, Dr. Dixon announced a new partnership with Nationwide Children's Hospital where Dr. Bode will serve as the District's Medical Consultant for the 2021-2022. Dr. Dixon said that Dr. Bode has been a trusted resource and advisor to the District at the height of the pandemic.

This week, Dr. Dixon and Carter sat down with Dr. Bode to discuss prioritizing wellness. Learn more by listening to this week's podcast.

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