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The Power of Imagination on Display in New CCS Virtual Storytime

March 23, 2023 -- Southwood Elementary School Librarian Lisette Bass joins our #TogetherWeReadCCS virtual storytime to take us on an adventure…The Greatest Adventure. Like a good book, our latest story shows just how powerful our imaginations can be. 

Welcome back to the latest episode of our #TogetherWeReadCCS storytime!

We’re joined by Lisette Bass, librarian at Southwood Elementary School, as she reads The Greatest Adventure by author and illustrator Tony Piedra. 

The Greatest Adventure is the story of a young boy, Eliot, his grandfather, El Capitán, and their search for a new adventure. Eliot dreams of setting sail to explore the oceans and jungles like his grandfather used to do. There’s just one problem; El Capitán can’t do that anymore. 

Gather around, and let’s see how Eliot and El Capitán overcome their challenges and create a new adventure together.