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Columbus City Schools Announces Formation of Superintendent's Community Facilities Task Force

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February 07, 2024 -- On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, Columbus City Schools Superintendent/CEO Dr. Angela Chapman unveiled plans for forming the Superintendent's Community Facilities Task Force during the Columbus Board of Education meeting. This Task Force will assess the potential consolidation or closure of school and administrative buildings within the District. This decision reflects the District's ongoing commitment to prudent resource management while ensuring the delivery of high-quality educational opportunities for all students.

The Community Facilities Task Force will operate under a clear mandate outlined as follows:

  • Issue of Report: The Task Force will issue a comprehensive report by the beginning of June 2024, providing recommendations regarding whether specific school and administrative buildings in the District should be closed or consolidated.
  • Identification of Buildings: If closure or consolidation is recommended, the report will specify the particular schools and administrative buildings identified by the Task Force.
  • Rationale for Recommendations: Each recommendation for closure or consolidation will be accompanied by a statement of rationale explaining the factors and considerations behind the decision.
  • Utilization of Board Policy 7105: Determining which schools are candidates for closure will be based on the 14 factors listed in Board Policy 7105, ensuring a balanced and objective assessment.
  • Consideration of Administrative Buildings: In addition to schools, the Task Force will also determine the criteria for closing administrative buildings, addressing factors such as staff relocation in its recommendations.
  • Transparency and Feedback: Both draft and final reports will be made available to students, parents, and the community via the District’s website for public feedback before the Board's final vote.

The Community Facilities Task Force comprises diverse community stakeholders, reflecting various perspectives and expertise:

  • Lois Carson, President - Classified School Employees Association, Ohio Association of Public School Employees
  • John Coneglio, President - Columbus Education Association
  • Olivia Doggett, Parent - Columbus City Schools
  • Al Edmondson, President - Making a Difference, Inc.
  • Yaves Ellis, Lead Pastor - New Birth Christian Ministries
  • John Gregory, Founder & CEO - Equity Now Coalition, National Center for Urban Solutions
  • Reverend Kevin Hairston, Pastor - Living World Bible Fellowship
  • Donald Jackson, Columbus Schools Classified Supervisors Association
  • Dr. John Kellogg, Superintendent in Residence - Columbus State Community College, Education Service Center of Central Ohio
  • Amanuel Merdassa, Director of Youth Services - Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services
  • Jim Negron, President - Corna Kokosing Construction
  • Bertha Obayuwana, Parent - Columbus City Schools
  • Reverend Kevin Orr, Pastor - Glennwood United Methodist Church
  • Johnny Pitts, Owner - Pitts Insurance Agency
  • Chris Potts, Director of Facility Planning - The Ohio State University
  • Aslyne Rodriguez, Director of Regional Strategic Partnerships - Central Ohio Transit Authority
  • Kimberly Rodriguez, Columbus City Schools Principal, President Columbus Administrators Association
  • Gina Shimer, Columbus City Schools Family Ambassador Region I 
  • Matthew Smydo, Director of Education - City of Columbus Mayor's Office
  • Richard Studer, Project Coordinator - Rotary Club of Columbus
  • John Tannous, Senior Policy Advisor - Columbus City Council
  • David Wellborn, Columbus City Schools Safety & Security Specialist, President Local #581
  • Kenneth Wilson, Franklin County Administrator - Franklin County Board of Commissioners

The first meeting of the Community Facilities Task Force is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, February 13, 2024. This initial meeting will begin a collaborative process to thoroughly evaluate the District's facilities and make informed recommendations for the entire community's benefit.

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