• Recognized by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the excellence of our immersion program and for our great contribution to the promotion of the French language and culture, Ecole Kenwood French Immersion offers students in Columbus the opportunity to learn a second language naturally while following the national Common Core Curriculum. As one of the few recognized programs in the Midwest Region of the USA, we take pride in our history of success and unique model of education. Students are fully immersed in French in K through 1st grades, with the curriculum eventually taught 50-50 in French/English by the 5th grade.

    Ecole Kenwood takes pride in having staff and students from all over the world, with about 23 different countries represented. 

    Ecole Kenwood students are taught the Ohio Learning Standards through French.  Research shows that there are many cognitive and academic benefits to the bilingual brain.  Students who are multilingual often outperform their monolingual peers. At Ecole Kenwood French Immersion students are challenged mathematically and scientifically in French! 

    Vision: All students at Ecole Kenwood finish Grade 5 proficient in mathematics and at the level of intermediate-low in their target language.

    Mission: Through the acquisition of the French language, collaboration with parents and community representatives, and high quality instruction in all content areas, all students will be prepared for success in college and careers within a multi-lingual, multi-cultural society.

    Core Values:

    Every child has the capacity to learn

    As educators it is our job to help students grow

    Cultural competence is a the heart of all that we do

    We are a family and support each other in all journeys

    Through working together our school can be a great place to learn, teach, and grow

    We believe in the power of “yet” and that making mistakes is a part of the learning process


    Vive la Difference!

  • Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, Health, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Instrumental Music. Students learn the benchmarks through the curriculum guide of Columbus City Schools, in accordance with the national Common Core Standards. corestandards.org

    * The curriculum guide is taught in French in varying amounts starting with 100% of the academic day in kindergarten and first grade to up to 50% at the 5th grade level.