K-3 (100% French Immersion): Ohio State University Literacy Collaborative model

    4th-5th: Ohio State University Literacy Collaborative model, Common Core Literacy Standards

    6th grade: Approved CCS literature in correlation with Common Core Standards
    PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports):
    Ecole Kenwood has adopted the PBIS Model to encourage students to be respectful, responsible, helpful, and kind.  These are our core values.  Each month students work towards goals and are taught lessons in empathy and self management.  Students recieve weekly white tickets for meeting expectations in behavior, blue tickets for speaking in French, montly certificates for meeting the monthly goal, and monthly incentives to celebrate their progress.
    For students who struggle with meeting the goals of the program individual behavioral contracts and plans are put in place.  If students continue to struggle they may be referred to the MTSS team for greater levels of support.
    When a student is struggling academically or behaviorally, Kenwood teachers will refer a student and invite their family to Student Assistance and Intervention for Learning (SAIL) & Multiteered Systems of Support (MTSS) meetings. After research-based interventions are attempted for up to 6 weeks - and no appropriate progress is made, the child may be determined to have a suspected disability, and the school district would then evaluate him or her at no cost to the parent within 90 days. 
    Ecole Kenwood uses a variety of research based interventions to help students get back on track for success.  These include but are not limited to Leveled Literacy Intervention, Orton Gillingham, Extended Learning Opportunties, Targeted Mathematics interventions, and more.  
    Empowering the gifted learner through a continum of educational services.  Programs and assistance beyond the traditional curriculum through the specialized training of teachers, extentions of coursework, as well as intraschool and interschool opportunities. For questions and concerns, please contact our coordinator Beth Gasior.
    Academic and behavioral services to support students with disabilities, based upon each student's individual needs in academics, life and social skills, and beyond.  For further information, please contact Phil Tierney.