• Curriculum


    Every student at East High School engage in Health Science related curriculum in every class they take, no matter what their ultimate career choice may be.  We integrate Health Sciences in every class, from our monthly focus on disease prevention to our annual whole school book read.  Teachers create lessons throughout the year that are inspired by current events related to health sciences.  Speakers and community partners from health science related careers are invited into English, Social Studies and Electives classes to engage our students in career and current event discussions.  

  • Biomedical Classes


    In addition to a rigorous science curriculum including courses such as Anatomy, AP Chemistry and AP Biology, East High School students have the option to take four years of biomedical classes.  

    There are 4 classes offered

    1. Health Science Foundations
    2. Principles of Biomedical Science
    3. Human Body Systems
    4. Medical Interventions


    Students start with Health Science Foundations during their freshman year, when they explore careers in Health Sciences while learning about basic principles of the Health Science field.  During their sophomore year, East High School biomedical students take their first Project Lead The Way (PLTW) class: Principles of Biomedical Science.  Here they engage in labs related to forensics, phlebotomy, heart rate, microscopic studies and electrophoresic analysis of DNA.  During their junior year, students take Human Body Systems, a PLTW class, where they build models onto a skeleton throughout the year as they learn about different body systems in a project based class.  Finally, students take Medical Interventions, where they engage in labs using current molecular technology such as CRSPR and ELISA while they create solutions to real world medical problems. 

    These four courses are meant to be taken in sequence, but if you want to join the program, we will find a way to fit you in!