• March Viking V Ship Winners!





    Madelyn communicates easily and effectively with staff and peers alike. She shows interest in others and is encouraging and sincere in her care for people. A true friend to her peers.


    10th - SARAH PORTER

    Sarah is incredibly consistent, regardless of who she works or communicates with. She is kind, cooperative, and supportive. She is truly unique in that she can collaborate with any student or group of students I assign her to work with. I strongly believe her versatility will pay dividends in her future professional endeavors!


    11th - AJ SEN

    Ajay's kindness to his peers and teachers during online learning makes him well deserving of the Viking Relationship award..  He would text his peers and encourage them to come to class.  He always made sure to connect with me via Zoom chat during his inclusion science class.  If I provided him notes via the Zoom chat, he always said "thank you".  That little sign of gratitude made a huge difference in my day.


    12th - MICAH TANNER

    Micah has taken the initiative to build a classroom podcast platform that addresses inequities in society, education, and wellness; Micah has collaborated with his classmates and teacher to get the ball rolling. Great Job Micah!





    9th - HASAN AHMED

    Hasan turns in literally all of his work, and it is well done. He asks questions when he doesn't understand an assignment, as well as to simply deepen his understanding. He has the habits of a scholar, which is why nominating him for this award is a no brainer!




    Odalys Alejandro used to be failing my class but in the most difficult quarter content wise has achieved an A and is far ahead of her of the majority of her peers. She has diligently worked to improve each submission and her quarter project was ingenious in the implementation of her learning. From almost falling off the map to being ahead of the class is an impressive jump and I look forward to seeing her achieve more. 



    Beatrice consistently takes initiative to meet with her teachers if she has questions and takes advantage of Zoom calls being offered. Her persistence has helped her overcome language barriers, technology barriers, and cultural barriers in order to access her education. Despite only living in the United States for a short time, she has had great success in my class. Well done, Beatrice!


    12th - THANH DO

    Thanh is a very hard worker who persists until she develops a thorough understanding of content. She is also very focused on her transition from Northland and has been working diligently on creating options in higher education for next fall. It is an absolute pleasure to have someone with such scholarly habits in class!





    9th - RASHIDA BAH\

    Rashida has a positive, kind demeanor and is always willing to put in an effort during speaking activities in Spanish. Her openness to learning new things encourages her peers to do the same, which adds immense value to the classroom environment.



    Abdiel goes the extra mile in seeking to understand Math topics. Not only does he ask questions often and seek help after class, but he frequently has insight beyond the topic that he is willing to share, which improves the classroom environment. He is a model citizen.


    11th - MARIAM MARA

    Mariam has matured to be a productive student who is focused on improving her behavior, grades and being a positive presence in the building. She is accepting responsibility for her success and working to do whatever is necessary to graduate.


    12th - KA’MYA BELL

    Ka'Mya is a wonderful young lady who helped me constantly with Zoom, and also helped other students know what was due. She participated everyday in the Zoom classroom as well, which we all know can be difficult for some students. She is just a great young lady.





    9th -MILES C ROOKS

    Miles provides great leadership in the often used breakout rooms. He is quick to provide structure and generate discussion in these situations. His friendly spirit and ease in communicating are great assets.


    10th - SAMIR GHIMIRE

    I have witnessed Samir adapt to challenging circumstances on the soccer field in order to support his team, and I have been pleased to find he demonstrates this willingness to confront difficulty in the academic realm as well. He demonstrates that athletes can lead in the classroom, too. Great job, Samir!


    11th - ROBERT DORSEY

    I would like to nominate Robert Dorsey because he is always a positive force at Northland. He is respectful and friendly to students and staff and consistently demonstrates his care towards others. He is a great example for his peers in his ability to build and maintain positive relationships with staff and others.


    12th - NASIA DARAMY

    Nasia has adapted very well throughout the transition from virtual to in-person learning. She has consistently modeled respect, initiative, and work ethic. Her leadership has truly added to the classroom environment in both settings. Congrats, Nasia!