• "Erase the Space" Writing Program

    Students from Northland High School, South High School, and Olentangy Liberty High School participated in the "Erase the Space" program, a year-long writing exchange to foster public discourse among young people in the Columbus area. On Monday May 1, the students met face-to-face at Otterbein for closing activites! 

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    Northland Students Speak at Medina Middle School!


    (Left to right):  Isahman Ford, N’Keeley Elmore, Dean of Students: Mr. Harris, Jesse Prewitt, and Dayzon Busby

    Four young men from Northland High School recently shared their personal experiences about transitioning from middle school to high school, accountability and the importance of relationship building to the rising freshman at Medina Middle School!

    CREDITS COUNT AT Northland High School

    Credits Count

    Northland offers dual enrollment STEM courses through Columbus Stat,e where students can earn college credit toward a certificate or college degree in a variety of STEM fields.  Not only will students earn college credit they will receive support services such as college placement assessment, test preparation, college advising, and test preparation.

    For more information about the program, please click here!

    New Summer Camps at Columbus State Community College!

    Interested in Engineering or Cyber Security?  Check out these summer camps!

    June Camps
    Additive Manufacturing-June 3-28, 3D printing, engineering principles, career exploration
    Advanced Automation-June 13 &14, engineering labs, tour, industry experts
    Logistics Engineering Technology-June 20 & 21, hands-on logistics engineering technology, tour, industry experts
    July Camp
    GenCyber-July 15-19, hand-on computer, Raspberry Pi, ozobots, password hacking