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    Northland High School Students Use 3D Printer in Introduction to Engineering and Design!

    Students in Mr. John Keller's Introduction to Engineering and Design class have been diligently working on 3D modeling and printing. Check out our Puzzle Cube All Stars!

  • Feature Student Contribution—Preston Everett

    Northland Staff Travel Time
    In my statistics through social justice class, we did a project that focused on social justice in our community. My topic was how long does it take Northland staff to get to work. I chose this topic because I personally believe that the time it takes someone to travel to work can affect how they feel about their job. I surveyed 30 random staff members, and the results that I got were really inconsistent. Most of the staff members live 25-27 minutes away, but I was also surprised by how many of them live about 5 minutes away. Going in I didn’t really have expectations for the results, but I did know that there would be a huge variety of times that I’d get. Something that I learned was that people will go where work is. For just Northland alone there are so many people who travel a long time to get to their jobs, so that says a lot about what people will do to have jobs. What I learned can, and will be used in future endeavors.



    Northland High School is building a community garden on the roof! 

    Students and teachers at Northland met together to implement a learning lab garden that they will use to apply what they are learning in social studies and science to the real world.