• April Viking V Ship Winners!




    9th - JAYDEN PHAM

    Jayden has a light-hearted, open demeanor that allows him to interact well with his peers. I have been impressed to see how easily he engages upperclassmen in conversation throughout various assignments and class discussions. I believe his ability to connect with others will serve him very well in the future!.


    10th -ARATI SARKI

    Arati is very communicative with her teachers and fellow classmates. She brings a lot of energy to the classroom and is fun to be around.




    11th - AZARIA FOSTER

    The level of empathy I have witnessed Azaria bring to her interactions with her peers is remarkable. She takes the time to listen and respond meaningfully to a wide variety of her classmates' comments and opinions. I am grateful for the value she has added to more than one classroom discussion with her respectful demeanor.


    12th - KA'VON WILLIAMS

    Ka'Von is a very caring young man.  He is always concerned for his classmates, peers, and people of the world.  He has a bright shining personality and is ALWAYS the first one to smile and make someone else smile. 





    9th - KEZIAH ASARE

    Keziah has done a wonderful job all year with her math work.  She is a hard worker that gets things done.  She asks questions, participates in class and even attends my office hours regularly to seek extra help. For a year of so many unknowns Keziah has took it upon her self to be the best she can be.  I wish I had a whole classroom filled of Keziah's!!!  She is a ROCKSTAR!!




    I would like to nominate Noah for the Scholarship because he has overcome many obstacles to succeed.  He works hard to make sure he completes all assignments including the science class he takes with mostly Juniors and Seniors.  He checks in regularly with me to get the help he needs to succeed.  I'm super proud of the grades he has earned this year!



    11th -AHMED SUGAL

    I nominate Ahmed Sugal for a Scholarship Viking Ship award. Ahmed strives to complete all assignments with precision, answers questions in class and takes on a positive attitude toward new material.


    12th - DAMARIS CAMPO

    I nominate Damaris for the Scholarship Award due to her drive to do well. She has worked hard to earn and keep her grades high in my class. This student realizes one has to persevere to achieve and adapt to succeed. I am very proud of her efforts to learn.






    I am nominating Destiny for Citizenship because she always comes to class with a smile on her face. She actively participates in class discussion, and she is always willing to read out loud. She is kind to her teachers and to the other students in the class.


    10th - NIMO MUHUMED

    Nimo has built relationships with many students in class and is always willing to help them when needed. Recently a new student joined our class, and Nimo has taken her under her wing- showing her where to find her classes and how to navigate Google Classroom. Keep up the great work!




    Last month, the CSCC math students started Math1149, Trig.  It's hard.  Rather than give up, Tabbi gathered some students and started a study group so they can help each other through this difficult class.  Her ability to see the need, develop the solution and carry it out will take her far in college and beyond!



    I would like to nominate Kaila for the Citizenship Award because she is a kind, welcoming, young lady who tries hard to help others and help the community. She models citizenship through her daily actions. Congratulations, Kaila!







    Tyemier is being nominated for leadership. He is a quiet leader, diligent and consistent. He always volunteers to read out loud when no one else is willing! We commend your natural leadership, Tyemier!



    10th - JALIYA HARLEY

    Jaliya is the type of student you know you can count on because she is so cooperative, considerate, and reliable. She comes to class every day, works solidly for the whole period, and has not only kept up with all of her assignments, but often finishes a little bit ahead of schedule. She doesn't draw a lot of attention to herself or bask in her role as a leader, but rather quietly goes about her business, getting things done and being a role model!


    11th - MARLON PIERRE

    Marlon does not shy away from opportunities to show initiative in class. He is also very aware of his potential impact on others, and regularly brainstorms how he plans to add value to the lives of his classmates as well as members of his community. He is a true leader, and I am excited to see his potential unfold in the future!


    12th - MILGO ABDI

    Milgo has demonstrated leadership and relationship skills throughout the school year. She is willing to help and work with teachers and classmates to get a task done. Although she is a bit shy she has been working through that fear of talking to/meeting people. It has truly been a pleasure working with her this school year. I will miss her once she graduates.