May Viking Ship Winners!



    9th -  Adam Hamed


    Adam has exhibited wonderful awareness and sympathy toward his classmates. He uplifts others when they are down and freely assists classmates who don't understand. Lately he has opted to maintain a positive attitude toward life even when difficulties arise and we have pleasant conversations in class about whatever happens to be on his mind.



    10th - Daniella Miller


    I had the pleasure of knowing Dani from a previous school and she has blossomed here at Northland. She is very courteous to staff and is always giving compliments to others. This was not always easy for her in the past and she has truly made strides in developing relationships with others to make them feel good about themselves.


    11th -  Mariam Mara

    I would like to nominate Mariam for relationship as she has worked hard to repair and improve her relationships with teachers and classmates.




    12th -  Hassan Sesay

     As student services office helper, Hassan goes out of his way to build relationships and help new students acclimate to the building. He also started a club last year that was a lot of fun for many students. He is the epitome of a great relationship builder with adults and students alike. 




    9th -  Sriza Rasaily


    Sriza is not solely only a talented artist, but a good role model as well. She goes out of her way to assist others and is always enthusiastic, positive, and considerate.  Her willingness to give constructive feedback elevates those around her and demonstrates a level of thoughtfulness and concern for others that needs to be encouraged.


    10th -  Myaun McClendon


    Myaun returned to class after missing several weeks of class. He was able to write his Shakespeare essay in one class period to submit it on time and earn a passing grade for the quarter!








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    11th -  Amisha Sanyasi

     Amisha strives not only for academic excellence, but also seeks to develop a deep understanding of the topics that are discussed. She ALWAYS completes her homework assignments, and actively seeks to correct her work. She is a classroom leader, strong student, and has a strong positive character.  I cannot recommend her enough for this honor.





    12th -  Gary Wentworth

    Gary adapts and persists through obstacles in order to achieve academically. Gary lost all of his possessions in a house fire last year. He started at Northland as a new student this school year. He has a full load of 11th and 12th grade classes to pass. He not only is on track to graduate but will be finishing up as a honor roll student and nominee to the National Honor Society. 


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    9th -  Suad Ibrahim

    Suad has been helpful in the planning phases of the community ambassadors/student translators project, which has added great value to the entire process.







    10th -  Fatmata Daramy 

    Fatmata volunteered to paint the wall that would showcase Viking Ship winners on her free time Sunday. She coordinated with Administration to ensure access was granted and updated the surface used for her colleagues to be honored with no guarantee of payment or reward.





    11th -  Jenabu Sesay


     I would like to nominate Jenabu for her service at the Athletic Awards banquet.  She helped with the set up, served pizza to families and helped with the clean up all while sweating in the heat outside!  This was AMAZING and she was a HUGE help!




    12th -  Laxmi Darnal


    Laxmi has been excited to support her community as a community ambassador/student translator as we try to get the project off the ground. I wish we could have her around for another year, but wish her well after high school!






    9th - Kevin Bell

     Kevin has demonstrated leadership in English class all year. He is a strong reader. His voice is one that keeps the class together! Outside of the classroom, Kevin is a member of the football team. I'm excited to see Kevin grow in his time as a Viking.


    10th -  Brian Boansi

     Brian has been an outstanding Top Performer in Chemistry ALL year! He seeks help when needed and models a hard-working, gritty, focused student--an example for all to follow!






    11th - Darvon Jeter

    Darvon recently took and passed a very difficult lifeguard test at a local water park. This past Tuesday, he showed great leadership in saving a 5-year-old girl who was struggling to get back to the surface of the water after coming down a water slide. He said he was glad he didn't give up and is motivated to use that type of mentality in his classes next year.



    12th -  Ana Castillo 

    I would like to nominate Ana Castillo for Leadership because of the role she has played on behalf of her classmates. Ana has volunteered to get all the seniors informed about all the happenings this year by posting reminders to our Google Classroom and giving verbal reminders as well.