September Viking Ship Winners!



    9th - Clarence Castle


    As a new 9th grade student, Clarence has quickly developed positive relationships with his peers, teachers, and staff. He is always willing to help another student or congratulate them on a job well done. He supports and encourages his fellow classmates and his teachers can always count on him to have a positive attitude.


    10th - Lindsey Wallace


    Lindsey took it upon herself to assist the student across from her who was having difficulties navigating Google Classroom.  Now, I regularly see them engaging with each other offering advice, positive criticism, ideas, and encouragement on each other's work.  This is exactly the type of relationship building that not only builds success, but creates true bonds of friendship.

    11th -  Sudip Biswa

    Sudip Biswa often helps other students in the class. He uses Google Translate during group activities to communicate with a student who speaks a different language. He sustains his relationship with teachers by sharing parts of his life and asking about their day




    12th -  Destiny Gaines

    fdfsdfsd Destiny is always respectful and willing to build relationships with others in class. Anytime I get a new student she steps up to help acclimate them to our classroom/how ti works/assisting them with work we are doing. Destiny is a student who si always talking to me just seeing how my day is going. She is very personable and builds rapport with her teachers.




    9th -  Fathi Ali


    Fathi is always engaged in class activities. She wants to learn and understand concepts in Algebra. This student asks questions in class and will stay after to ensure she can achieve. Fathi is a scholar. She also encourages classmates toward success in Math.


    10th -  Kumari Biswa


    Kumari embodies Viking Scholarship each day in her Algebra class. She not only works hard at completing homework assignments, but I have also seen her helping others understand assignments and class topics. Additionally, Kumari is constantly volunteering to put her solutions and thinking on the board to share with the class. 

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    11th -  Sahra Abdullahi

     Sahra gives consistent effort in order to produce high-quality work, and also demonstrates an ability to refocus when she occasionally gets distracted, which is impressive. Scholors are not perfect, but they are consistent. Congrats, Sahra!


    12th -  Hudeyfa Osman

    Hudeyfa is a talented student-athlete who has never used his involvement in sports as an excuse to come unprepared or turn in subpar work. His scholarly habits in my class set a great example for his peers. 


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    9th -  Emilly Valadares

    I would like to nominate Emilly Valadares Rocha for the Citizenship Award for her outstanding interpretation. She has taken two students who are new to the U.S. under her wing to support them in class and with learning language. Thank you Emilly for adding value to our class through your use of multiple languages!


    10th -  Kyle Regan

    I would like to nominate Kyle Regan for Viking Citizenship. Kyle is an aspiring musician, and he has taken the brave step of sharing his beats and rhymes with the school over the afternoon announcements. I applaud Kyle’s desire to share his positivity and creativity.



    11th -  Shreejeta Gurung


     Shreejeeta is an absolute boss in group work settings. She not only ensures she is prepared to do well, but also looks after her classmates to ensure they are doing well, too. Thank you for adding value, Shreejeeta! 


    12th -  Marlon Pierre


    Marlon cares about other people and his fellow vikings. Marlon is passionate about using languages to assist people in the office during 5th period. He is in my Spanish class this year and he approached me early in the year for help with phrases he can use with Spanish speaking parents in the attendance office. His only motivation was that he really wanted to help!




    9th -Reha Sanyasi

     Reha has demonstrated leadership as a student-learner who will steop up and ask others if they understand or need help with assignments. Seeing her willingness to elad has encouraged others to do so. Reha leads by example and with a positive attitude. "There ya go!" is her comment to her classmates as they succeed.


    10th -  Binod Ghimirey

     Binod comes to class prepared and ready to help his classmates when they struggle. During a recent activity he took charge to direct his whole class how to proceed while assimilating input from team members. He also paid attention to the details of the activity.





    11th - Afia Boadu

    Afia has stepped in to assist the STEM club president in a major way so far this year.  She takes her role as a STEM officer seriously and has been willing to take risks in areas that were previously uncharted for her. I have seen her growth significantly since serving in this role and I think she deserves recognition.


    12th - Magdalene Amponsah-Mensah

    Esther participated in 7 Internship Opportunities this summer: OSU Student Leadership Research Collaborative, MD Camp, Heads Up Medical Internship, the Otterbein Focus Group, CSCC HDOP Program, and volunteering at her church. The 4 College Experiences were all focused on Leadership Skills, and Esther is implementing those skills right here in the Northland Hallways!