October Viking Ship Winners!



    9th -  Fathi Ali

     Fathi has been instrumental in helping her classmates when they need extra encouragement. She is patient and answers questions. Fathi also models problems. She is always willing to assist others, and is a great representative of building relationships!


    10th - Aries Smith

     Aries always checks in to see how I'm doing at the beginning of class. As a new teacher, those small check-ins have helped me feel welcome at NHS. His perseverance and diligence have been a positive example to his peers that I often can point to in conversations to motivate other students. I'm glad to have Aries in class! 


    11th -  Mohammed Ghulam

    Mohammed is always friendly and positive to his peers and teachers.  He has harnessed his ability to build positive relationships by reaching out to staff and peers and trying to create a student council. Congrats, Mohammed!




    12th -  Nasia Bailey

    Nasia has really grown as a student and young adult.  This year, she is the SI Leader in the Math 1146 class where she offers help and tutoring to students that are taking the class. However, this doesn't stop at the classroom. She is always having tutoring sessions at lunch and students seek her out because of the relationships she has built.




    9th -  Margaret Kamara

     Maggie has demonstrated excellent class participation and work completion. She is eager to learn new material and quick to ask questions during class to help her understand. Maggie is also willing to help other students who have been absent catch up with their missing work. She is a great role model for other students to look up to. 



    10th -  Sandip Kami

     Sandip used to struggle to focus and frequently missed assignments. He started coming to my room for help during lunch, and worked with his friends after school to understand the material better. Now Sudip keeps up with his assignments, contributes to class discussion, and maintains his focus. His astounding growth this quarter has been an added reminder of the transformative piower of hard work. Well done, Sandip. 

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    11th -  Jasean Lathon

     Jesean has already completed one of his Apex Credit Recovery courses.  He is always working during class time, making consistent progress, and asking questions. Great Job Jasean and keep working hard!



    12th -  Roland Ntow

    I gave Roland a huge list of revisions and necessary additions for his narrative essay rough draft. To my great joy, he addressed every single item I had noted, and his lackluster rough draft transformed into a polished, powerful final draft. That level of perseverance, especially in the midst of a congested soccer schedule, made a strong impression on me; well done, Roland! 


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    9th -  Anthony Riddle

    On 3 separate occasions students in my 3rd period class left phones or charges behind.  When Anthony came into 4th period, he found the devices and immediately turned them in to me for safekeeping. His choice and quick action ensured that students who returned for their forgotten items were reunited quickly thus creating a better environment at school.


    10th -  Marco Jimenez

    IMarco Jimenez teamed up with Christian Johnson to redesign the staff mailboxes on their own time using skills and knowledge gained in their engineering classes to improve work operations. Their well-organized and simple solution makes a mundane task more attractive and easier to carry out both for those using the mailboxes and those responsible for organizing and maintaining the space. 


    11th -  Ibrahim Abdirahman


     Ibrahim shows a high level of maturity and sets the standard for other students in his work and participation. Always kind and considerate, he shows positive attributes in every aspect of student life.



    12th -  Christian Johnson


    Cristian was tasked (by Mr. Kellar) to come up with a solution to identify mail slots. Using skills he learned in Engineering Design, he teamed with Marco Jimenez to design, fabricate, and install nameplates on the boxes. Now we have removable plates - a tidy, long-lasting solution! !





    9th - Isabelle Mikle

    Isabelle shows up every day with a positive attitude ready to learn and sets an outstanding example to those around her. She is kind, outgoing, and always willing to participate in class. I am honored to have the opportunity to teach her. And, I love that she goes out of her way to show her appreciation for me, too. I'm excited to see all the great things she's going to do!


    10th -  Haja Daramy 

     Haja Daramy has been a consistently positive and engaged presence in my classroom. As we have shifted to working in groups, Haja has demonstrated strong leadership, driving conversation and keeping group members on task! Very well done, Haja!






    11th - Junia Dieubon

    Junia saw a problem with restroom cleanliness and use and created a survey to get the opinion of her classmates. The results will be presented to Mr. Johnson to discuss next steps. Way to lead, Junia!



    12th -  Jessica Combey

    Jessica is a quiet leader and hard worker who students come to for help and guidance with math skills. Jessica also is lead for our Service Above Self project where we make tie blankets for the Northland Free Store. She teaches the new participants how to cut and tie the fleece, and she makes everyone feel welcome and part of the group.