November Viking Ship Winners!



    9th -  Tehya Holmes

    Tehya asked for permission from her teacher and ensured that her classmate was safely delivered to an administrator when she realized they were not able to function and returned to class. She returned for follow up during class change. She did the right thing, the right way.


    10th - Freddie Mto

     Freddie truly takes a genuine interest in those around him. Recently, he chose to learn some sign language so that he could better communicate with the hearing impaired students at his table. His open heart and willingness to befriend those around him have played a large part in the friendships that have developed in my class. We could all stand to learn from Freddie’s example in how to invest in the people around us, even if we don't know them that well....yet.


    11th -  Kevin Bayless

    Kevin's commitment to maintaining a positive attitude on life, school work, goal-setting and achievement are an inspiration to me, everyday, to bring my best teaching.  He is always on-time, present, and attentive in class!  And, whenever he gets the chance, he tells me about his goals and the progress he's making at achieving them.I wish nothing but the best for this maturing young man!




    12th -  Bill Hyacinthe

    Bill was a second quarter addition to Northland, and has warmly and enthusiastically reached out to his peers in my class. He is also an eager participant in discussion, which encourages his peers as well. He takes the lead in building relationships comfortably.




    9th -  Abdullahi H Farhan Abdi

     Abdullahi tries very hard in class.  He is quick to answer questions even if he is not sure of the answer. He continues to work until he understands and is determined to learn.  He does not hesitate to ask for help when he is struggling.  He often works with others to help talk through problems and I have even witnessed him helping others after he grasps the concept.   . 


    10th - Ryan Pryor

     I would like to nominate Ryan Pryor for the Scholarship Viking Ship because, while he has had a great responsibility of caring for his family during a difficult time, he has maintained a 4.0 at school. Ryan is a responsible, caring, compassionate human. I am honored to have him as a student.

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    11th -  Saran Diakite

     Saran is a persistent learner who displays critical thinking skills, diligence and strong effort in learning. She is on task and makes the best of academic time in and out of school. I have seen these traits since freshman year. A joy to teach!



    12th - Simone Tatum

    Simone has been doing what we would like to see from ALL of our students: making A's. All throughout high school she has excelled academically.  She's quiet and reserved and therefore does not bring attention to herself, she just does what she's asked to do day after day, year after year. I feel she deserves recognition. Congrats to her on yet another 4.0 first semester!


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    9th -  Freddy Mendoza

    Freddy's quiet manner and respectful diligence in class are a pleasure to watch. He displays respect and caring all all he does. Always willing to help others Freddy displays a servant heart, a great mark of citizenship.


    10th -  Lindsey Wallace

    Every day, Lindsay helps set up our classroom, and gathers items to put away at the end of class. She frequently offers to do other care tasks like sanitizing the fidgets, too. Lindsey often checks in on me to make sure that I'm having a good day and that someone is checking in on my mental health like I do hers. She is like a ray of sunshine and I am so fortunate to get to spend every school day with her! 


    11th -  Jess Collins

     Jess adds so much value to our space. After opening up, it is easy to identify a kind, compassionate, intuitive human with a lot of good ideas. Jess has a great sense of humor and is just fun to have in class. Not only a hard worker, Jess has so much insight and thinks beyond a typical high school student. I'm excited to see what the future hold


    12th -  Joseph Council

     Joseph is consistently respectful, kind, considerate, and empathetic. He carries himself with professionalism and is always willing to step in and assist in making our school a great place to learn and grow.  Whatever he decides to do in life, we will be successful because he works hard, thinks critically, and values peace.   




    9th - Tamara Peterman

    As a participant in the Career Connection "Building a Business' Tamara has participated enthusiastically, adding to discussion and strongly speaking out with her ideas. She helps generate others' thinking and responses. She has great goals as a future entrepreneur!!


    10th -  Hasan and Hussein Ahmed

     Hasan and Hussein are a collective force to be reckoned with. Every day, they model leadership by ensuring they are on time and on task. They often lead classroom discussions as well, which makes them both a pleasure to have in class!

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    11th - Fatmata Daramy

    Fatmata is a Champion student and an excellent leader!  She takes charge when others are struggling and helps them succeed.  I never worry if she misses something because she will find it out and make sure others are aware, too!  I am so impressed by her maturity and work-ethic and am so proud that she's a student in my class!


    12th -  Josiah Kubi

    Josiah is one of my best seniors. I had him his sophomore year and wow what a different student. His leadership is on top in my class. He is in my personal finance class as a senior with many freshman and sophomores and he is rooting for them all and helping where needed. I appreciate him!