January Viking Ship Winners!



    9th -  Isabella Figueroa

    Isabella truly brings a ray of sunshine to our space. Recently, I experienced the loss of a beloved family pet. Isabella not only offered me comfort in class but also used her amazing artistic talent to draw a picture for us to frame and preserve the memory of his sweet face forever. Her empathy and kindness helped me through the grieving process and she deserves to be recognized for being an amazing human helping to make Northland and the world a better place. 



    10th - Seth Beckhon  

    On many occasions, I have seen Seth extend his support for another student. He is kind and compassionate and always helps those he cares about. The world needs more people like him.





    11th -  Samir Ghimire

    Samir Ghimire demonstrates daily dedication to working with those around him. He walks into 8th period each day with a positive attitude and checks in with me and his peers. Samir answers questions with friendly stories to connect to class content. He is the type to reach over and help a student navigate an assignment on a Chromebook or to lend a pencil. His friendliness makes our class a welcoming environment.




    12th -  Keisha Bass

    Keisha always has a positive attitude and excellent attendance! She greets me every day when I see her in the hallway and maintains positive relationships with her classmates and teachers. Great senior in the 2022 class!





    9th -  Abigail Bempah

    Abigail sets the bar in her freshman English class. Her quality of work is the standard of excellence to which all freshmen should aspire.  


    10th -  Mamie Joe

    Mamie has come a long way since last year. She is a hard worker and wants to do well. She asks a lot of questions and participates in class daily.


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    1th -  Jennifer Perez

    Jennifer is a model student for her peers. She arrives to first period focused and alert. She is always willing to read aloud or contribute to class discussions. Most importantly, Jennifer prepares for assessments and completes her assignments with accuracy.



    12th -  Alise Christian

    After having the opportunity to talk to Alise's brother on PTC night and looking at her grades in all of her classes, it solidified what I see in my classroom every day. Alise has her eyes on finishing strong, in spite of the obstacles she has faced. She is kind and wickedly funny. It's an absolute honor to share space with her every day and I can't wait to see what she does next.


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    9th -  Rafael Felix-Ortiz

    Rafael is the model student and person.  Always prepared, ready to learn or help, and positive with everyone. He adds value to our school with his willing spirit and smile.



    10th -  Victor Koroma

    Victor often stands outside the door along with me as students enter the class 8th period. His presence makes the classroom a more welcoming environment!


    11th -  Philemon Agyemang

    Phil willingly helped expedite the process of signing in tardy students during first period. He navigated negative attitudes and inattentive students to minimize time out of class for his classmates. 


    12th -  Ejike Anaba

    I would like to nominate Ejike for the Citizenship award because he demonstrates excellence in the classroom. He is always prepared, responsible and respectful. He is always prepared, responsible, and respectful.     




    9th - Uzziah Bailey

    Uzziah always brings effort and personality each day into the Health classroom. Both are helping him to excel academically and set a good example for his peers.


    10th -  Mohamed Abdi 

    Mohamed volunteers to help his classmates who struggled to follow directions on assignments. He also helps students read if they struggle. His leadership makes the class environment better!  





    11th - Nimo Muhummed

    Nimo demonstrates daily dedication to guiding her peers to success. She enters class each day with a focused attitude and keeps her peers motivated. She is first to volunteer to read aloud or answer questions. She is often seen supporting her peers in navigating assignments. Her positive attitude and determination influences the successful environment for our classroom.


    12th -  Azaria Foster

    Azaria has enthusiastically taken on a leadership role in our Career Connections Workshop.  She has volunteered to put herself in charge of quality control on the painting portion of our group art project.  She has spent extra time touching things up and assisting her peers as we worked in small groups.  She brings a positive energy with her and is always willing to help out.