• April Viking V Ship Winners!




    9th - Dominic L. Woods Jr.

    I would like to nominate Dominic for his caring heart.  He told several students in a Music class that it was not okay to make fun of another student.  He explained that this is not showing kindness and respect to someone else that is different.   


    10th - Tytun Bell

     Bry'Neil recenlyTytun constantly encourages and uplifts those around him–peers and teachers. Tytun struggled academically for the first half of the year but he has persisted, and set goals for himself. This has led to Tytun bringing up his grades and showing improvement in all of his classes. He also encourages his peers to focus on their academic work and maintain a positive and hopeful attitude.


    11th - Abshiro Abdi

    Abshiro is always doing the right thing and helps her peers make good decisions.  She believes in peaceful resolutions to problems and demonstrates kindness in a variety of ways to her peers, staff members, and family.



    12th - Dajah Peppers

    Dajah has maintained a productive relationship with me since she was in my English class as a freshman. She was also in my class as a sophomore when the pandemic started. I can't believe she's about to graduate! I am so proud of her. She has made Northland a better place for me, and likely for many of her other teachers





    9th - Abigail Bempah

    Abby is a pure student driven to excel and to learn.  A pleasure to have in class, she is always pushing to be her best and attain perfection. 



    10th - Rosalinda Garcia

     I would like to nominate Rosalinda for the Scholarship Viking Ship Award.  She has persevered through a lot of obstacles to maintain a solid effort in her classes.  Rosalinda has a great attitude and is a shining example for her peers. 


    11th - Isatou Tunkara

    Isatou consistently rose to the challenges presented to her during the month of March.  Her GRIT was on full display as she continued to produce high-quality work and display the mature thought processes that exemplify a Viking Scholar!  


    12th - Ian Fryman

    Ian has been on honor roll every nine weeks and accelerated in the classroom his senior year. He has refused to slack his senior year and pushes himself everyday in his courses. Well done Ian!





    9th - Phur Tamang

    Phur Tamang demonstrated her character and heart that is the epitome of what the RELATION-SHIP stands for.  She always shows compassion and care for her fellow classmates, but went beyond that to reach out and offer support to her teacher during an illness-related absence.  Her sincere concern may seem like something small to her, but her consistent small kindnesses add up to a big impact on the schoolmates around her.


    10th - Sidlali Xaysana

    . Sidlali is a hard-working, versatile student who produces quality work regardless of who she is collaborating with at any given moment. Her ability to productively engage a variety of personalities adds immense value to my class, and also makes me very excited for what her future holds. Great work, Sid!




    11th - Hafsa Musa

    Hafsa has represented Northland in several capacities as of late.  She is the Region 5 student rep on the Facilities Master Plan committee. She was also selected to speak at a couple of engagements involving district partners. She has also served as a student ambassador to the Superin






    9th - Caden Cadjigo

     Caden applied to and was accepted to represent Northland as a Student Ambassador to the Superintendent.  He is learning the attributes of being a leader and demonstrating this, even as a freshman. This is deserving of recognition.


    10th - Caylah Buggs

    I would like to nominate Caylah Buggs for Leadership because she is passionate for social justice and stands up for marginalized people. She always tries to see both sides to every story and understand all perspectives involved, yet she is not afraid to stand up for what is right. I am grateful to have such a compassionate and powerful advocate as a student.


    11th - Nia Waugh

    Nia never backs down from a challenge.  She looks for opportunities to make our school better by leading, volunteering, and keeping a positive attitude.  She is a leader in the classroom, among her peers, and in the community.  She represents the best of Northland. 


    12th - Terrique Hargrove

    Terrique has emerged as a leader during his senior year at Northland. I have seen him help younger underclassmen with navigating new waters at Northland and it has been a pleasure to watch him grow these past four years. Keep up the good work after Northland!