• How to “stay away” from COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


    WHY does social distancing, washing our hands, and not touching our faces work?

    I think when we explain this and children understand why they are supposed to do these things, it’s easier to understand how to be safe:


    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is spread by respiratory droplet NOT airborne. What this means is that it is in the respiratory spray from coughs, sneezes, or even if people spit when they talk. Respiratory droplets are heavier than air and after they are coughed or sneezed, they fall. You have to get the infected person’s respiratory droplet on your mouth or nose or eyes for it to get into YOUR respiratory system


    So 6 feet away and don’t touch your face until you wash your hands, and you should not get respiratory droplets in your airway.


    Why SIX WHOLE FEET AWAY? Research has shown that 6 feet away is far enough for respiratory droplets not to land on you. So just standing 3 feet away, not enough, a sneeze can make it to you, 6 feet is considered enough. It’s not “staying" in the air, it’s in droplets that fall.


    If someone has their secretions on their hands or an object and they get the secretions on objects and you touch it and then touch your mouth or nose or eyes, then you put it there yourself. If you touch something the public has touched, keep your hands away from your face until you wash them. One way to keep from touching your face is to clasp your hands together until you have a chance to wash them.


    Again, you have to have someone cough or sneeze or spit respiratory droplets in your mouth or nose or eyes; or you have to touch their secretions and then touch your own face. So 6 feet away, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, should do it.


    I hope that helps. I miss you all very much and can’t wait to see you again!


    Stay Safe!


    Note to parents regarding healthcare: If you or someone in your family are having symptoms of COVID19 (coronavirus) that are not an emergency, you should contact your doctor.  If you do not have a doctor, you can call Columbus Public Health at 614-645-1519, then choose option 1 for more information.