• Reading Framework

    Eakin staff have been trained by the Ohio State University Literacy Collaborative Research site.  Our teachers recieve in-classroom coaching that is aligned to their ongoing professional development. Teachers implement the language and literacy framework for at least 150 minutes of daily instructional time. Students are assessed and their development is monitored to determine the effectiveness of the instruction and implementation of the Literacy Collaborative language and literacy framework.  Reading is a lifelong behavior that empowers each learner to grow and develop as independent learners.


    Reading Workshop

    • Guided Reading 
    • Managed Independent Learning 

    Writing Workshop

    • Writing Conferences 
    • Independent Writing 
    • Guided Writing 
    • Small Group Interactive Writing 

    Language & Word Study

    • Interactive Read Aloud 
    • Shared Reading 
    • Community Writing (Shared Writing & Interactive Writing) 
    • Phonics/Word Study/Spelling 
    • Storytelling 
    • Handwriting 


    Reading Workshop 

    • Independent Reading 
    • Guided Reading 
    • Literature Study

    Writing Workshop 

    • Independent Writing 
    • Guided Writing 
    • Investigations 

    Language & Word Study 

    • Interactive read Aloud 
    • Word Study 
    • Modeled or Shared Reading / Writing 
    • Readers' Theater / Process Drama 
    • Choral Reading 
    • Poetry Sharing / Response 
    • Interactive Edit / Vocabulary 
    • Test Reading and Writing 


    Mathematics Framework

    Eakin follows Columbus City Schools K-5 Mathematics Guided Math framework. The framework allows teachers to constantly collect data and provide planned and spontaneous differentiation to address the individual needs of each child by providing instruction to students who are approaching level, on level, and beyond level as defined by Ohio’s Learning Standards. The Guided Math framework has seven components. 

    • Classroom of Numeracy
    • Warm-up
    • Whole class
    • Small group
    • Math Stations (workshop)
    • Assessment
    • Conferencing

    CCS GMF  


    Science and Social Studies

    Eakin teachers utilize the Ohio Standards to integrate Science and Social Studies through out the Reading and Mathematics lessons.