Olde Orchard Alternative Elementary School

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  • Why buy Panda Pride?

    We are not a fundraiser. We created Panda Pride Packs to help meet the school supply needs of the families in our school community. Your cost is our cost. We’ve worked tirelessly this summer to chase down the best deals so we can bring the lowest prices to you and give our Olde Orchard students a head start on success for the 2019-20 school year.


    Help your child be Ready To Learn

    Starting school with the right supplies promotes learning and helps your child succeed. Panda Pride Packs are customized by your child’s teacher for his or her classroom giving your student a head start on being Ready To Learn.


    Check shopping off your list

    Pre-order and forget about it. Looking for convenience and simplicity? Your Panda Pride Pack will be on your student’s desk on the first day of school. No hauling around supplies or confusion about when to bring them in.


    Pay less for school supplies

    We buy in bulk which means lower costs for parents. Save even more when you buy your Complete Pack!


    Reduce opportunities for bullying

    Panda Pride Packs mean every student has the right supplies and the same supplies, reducing opportunities for bullying.


    Model Kindness Through Giving

    Panda Pride Packs give students the opportunity to show Kindness Through Giving by providing the option to sponsor a student in need of school supplies.