• Parent/Guardian Right to Know

    Parents must be given information, rights, and choices regarding their child's education. NCLB states that parents have a right to:


    • have access to their child's individual performance levels on the statewide assessments

    • know if their child's school is making progress (links to the Ohio State Report Cards)

    •  know the qualifications of their child's teacher

    • be informed if their child is being taught by a substitute or non-highly qualified teacher for longer than four consecutive weeks


    Title One – Parents’ Right to Know

    Easthaven Elementary School is a Title I school, and receives federal funds to support its programs. In accordance with the requirement of federal law, each school receiving Title 1 funds must make sure that all parents of students in this school are notified that they may request, and be provided, information about staff certification and student achievement.


    All Easthaven Elementary School  teachers hold certificates in their field of teaching. No staff member is teaching under any emergency provisional status. The staff at Easthaven Elementary School meets the requirements to be given the Highly Qualified Teacher status.


    Easthaven Elementary School does not currently have any long term substitutes.  In the event that such a need arises, long-term substitutes who will be in the same classroom for twenty or more days must also meet the Highly Qualified Teacher status. In each instance, parents will be notified about the status of the substitute.


    If you need any more information about the qualifications of any staff member or any information on the level of achievement of your child(ren) on required state testing please contact Mr. Vern Miller, Principal.