Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a system used to identify struggling students and provide the support they need to succeed.  The Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) is the team that meets to discuss students that are struggling.  This team is made up of School Counselors, the School Psychologist, the School Nurse and other staff members. 


    The IAT coordinator receives referrals from teachers, staff and parents when a student is not preforming well in school.  Interventions are then put into place for the student.  If progress is not made the team will meet with the parents and student to discuss further options.  If you feel your student needs intervention please contact their teacher or the IAT coordinator to start the process.


    Lisa Kliner

    School Counselor

    504/IAT Coordinator





    Ann Marie Goettel

    School Psychologist



    Please click on the link below to enter Ms. Goettel’s virtual office and find instructions on how to set up an appointment.