• Students who walk/ride a bike: These students will be released through the East doors (located near back parking lot and cafeteria door) at 3:25. This is the location in which parents/guardians intending to meet their students will pick them up.

      • Students riding a bus: These students will go to the cafeteria and will wait for their bus to be called. Students will then be escorted to the appropriate bus.

      • Students in Kindergarten or Students with a Kindergarten sibling who get picked up from a parent/guardian: These students will be released directly from the kindergarten classrooms. Please meet your student at the appropriate K door. (Located in the playground near the back parking lot.)

      • Students getting picked up by a parent/guardian out front (off Binns Blvd): Each student/family group will be asked to text our Binns Car Rider Text Number as soon as they pull into the front drive. Families will be asked to pull through both lanes in the front of the school off Binns Blvd. A staff member will call your students based on the names that were text and they will exit the building accordingly. They will be escorted to your  car by a staff member. We ask that you wait until all cars in the lanes have their students before pulling away and the cars will be held until all cars are filled.


    We ask that families do not park along Binns Blvd. If you wish to wait for your child on the sidewalk, you must park in a designated spot or on the side streets off Binns in permitted areas. Please have your child cross at the cross walk with the marked crossing guard. It is recommended that you meet your child at the crosswalk and then walk to your car. We want to ensure the safety of all of our children.


    Our main priority and goal is that all of our students remain safe and make it home safely.