Mathematics K-5

  • Columbus City Schools K-5 Mathematics supports the Guided Math framework. The framework allows teachers to constantly collect data and provide planned and spontaneous differentiation to address the individual needs of each child by providing instruction to students who are approaching level, on level, and beyond level as defined by Ohio’s Learning Standards. The Guided Math framework has seven components.


    Guided Math Framework


    • Classroom of Numeracy - manipulatives, literature-applications, student strategies and work displayed, word walls
    • Warm-up - Engage and focus math block, Numeracy Board, math talks, Number Talks, Problem Solving, Number of the Day
    • Whole class - mini-focus lesson, review, assessments
    • Small group - group of students with similar math needs based on data, flexible, manipulatives, ongoing formal assessment, questioning, timely and specific feedback, modeling, think-alouds, scaffolding, mathematical communication, problem solving
    • Math Stations (workshop) - students working independently or collaboratively, exploration practice, fluency, paper-and-pencil, manipulatives, games, technology, evidence of learning, problem solving
    • Assessment - Evidence of student learning (formal and informal), verbal, written, tasks, projects, tests, portfolios
    • Conferencing - one-on-one, correct misconceptions, extend student understanding, next steps, promote mathematical communication, descriptive and timely feedback