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Columbus City Schools Joins Lawsuit Filed Against Unconstitutional Private School Voucher Program in Ohio

Board Member Brown

January 5, 2022 -– Vouchers Hurt Ohio and the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday in Franklin County Common Pleas Court arguing that Ohio’s school voucher system is unconstitutional because it is creating a separate system of funding private schools with public dollars. 

Board Member BrownVouchers Hurt Ohio is a group of more than 100 school districts, including Columbus City Schools, suing to stop and reverse Ohio’s EdChoice Program. 

Former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice and current Columbus City Schools board member Eric Brown said the lawsuit asks the judicial system a simple, but critical question.

“Where does the Ohio General Assembly get the power to fund private school vouchers? That power is nowhere to be found in the Ohio Constitution. In fact, the Ohio Constitution forbids it. Lawmakers have the authority and responsibility to fund ‘a’ system of ‘common schools,’ with common standards and resources for all of Ohio’s taxpayers, parents, and students," said Brown at Tuesday’s press conference.

“Funding schools that aren’t for everybody is not the business of the Ohio General Assembly, and it is not the responsibility of Ohio taxpayers to pay for these private schools,” Brown said. “The Ohio General Assembly either knows they are violating the Ohio Constitution and doesn’t care or the members who support expanding the private school vouchers need a history lesson themselves.”

The full copy of the complaint can be read here.

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