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Intel Engages Students with Bot Building to Develop STEAM Skills

November 11, 2022 -- Eager hands opened bags that contained all the material necessary to make a robot. Without any instructions, students were to build a “bot” and then decorate it, making it uniquely theirs.

Creativity and critical thinking were apparent as determined students had to think outside the box.

This project was led by Intel’s Future Skills Program, which challenges students with hands-on, real-world innovation projects. Students were encouraged to think differently, fail fast, and develop a growth mindset. Intel believes these essential skills help students learn from their mistakes, gain confidence, and build resiliency along the way.

Six elementary schools within the District participated in Intel’s engaging STEAM project: Binns, Berwick, Ecole Kenwood French Immersion, Huy, Southwood, and Woodcrest. 

Students at those schools were thrilled to be involved in the initial Intel program, and Columbus City Schools looks forward to partnering with Intel in the future. 

Intel broke ground for their new chip manufacturing site in central Ohio this fall and plans to bring many educational opportunities, as well as job opportunities to the surrounding communities.

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